The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #81 Tue 06.30.09

Dwarves and midgets were how Adam and Jim and I got things started. Well, actually it started days ago during a conversation I was having with Brien. Researcher Wendy was dragged into to confirm my being right and all. Oh, and Adam was right too, he was just the last one to be involved in the whole thing. Anyway, Wendy went to the Little People of America website to find out the details and it seems that if you are 4'10" or less in height then you are considered a midget. Well, actually, Wendy only found that term used medically having to do with proportions as opposed to dwarfism. And in different countries different heights qualify, so to speak. Adam and I were sucked in because of Gimley and all. You know, from Lord of the Rings.

Law & Order SVU, which I always want to call SUV, has been renewed for two years and the new season begins September 23. Well, Mariska Hargitay's contract is good for two years anyway. Adam actually did not know she was Jayne Mansfield's daughter. Huh.

Simon Cowell has been offered $144 million to do another year of American Idol. I'll do it for a mere $5 million. Now that's a bargain.

Michael Jackson's kids are with his mother, for the moment anyway. His oldest is 12, that's Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. who is called Prince. Paris-Michael Katherine Jackson is 11 and Blanket is 7. His actual name is Prince Michael Jackson II. It seems Michael finished a video project about two weeks ago called the Dome Project.

And we had a very enlightening conversation regarding Raiders of the Lost Ark and an Ethiopian guy and the Ark of the Covenant. You'll need to hear it to appreciate it. Go to www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.