The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #270 Mon 04.19.10

So hard to focus what with the poison whatever, ivy let's say. Had such plans for today. After the show plans. Now, I barely recall the show. Well, let me explain something. None of us recall the show seconds after we finish it. It's hard to explain. Once we empty our brains, they remain empty. Jim and I talked about some guy who says he's sensitive to electromagnetic fields and is suing his neighbor to get her to turn off her TV and such. I think he should move. Far, far away. Be a hermit or something. I'm not saying there isn't something wrong with him. Clearly there is. Clearly.

We discussed how Jim gets to work with the public more and get their germy germs. Nice. Wow, this stuff is itchy. It's just popping up all over me. Now my friend Rhonda got poison ivy from her cat. Oh yes. Cat got into it, she pet her cat, she got poison ivy. She's miserable. The cat, not so much. We're both living the Z-Pak life. Thank God for Z-Paks by the way.

There is a church, a Catholic Church, with a crucifix that has caused some disturbance. I don't see anything wrong with it. I get why some people think the shape on the abdomen looks like a penis, but the shape is ON THE ABDOMEN of Christ. It's abs. It's not a penis. It's a classic work of art. It's not pornographic in any way. Yet people are outraged. Look at it. If that same shape was on a different part of the body, sure, I get it. But it's on the abdomen. And it's on a crucifix. Seriously.

OK, so the rest of the show was I'm sure a laugh riot. I've been suffering from tooth pain for days and I barely recall my name. We're working on fixing that issue. In the late afternoon I was asked if I could try and pass as a Dolly Parton impersonator. That meant I had to put on fake eyelashes (which I always have in the house) and attempt to look like Dolly and then, here's the kicker, take pictures of myself. You know what? That's not easy. Sure I've got a tripod and a timer, but still. You know what I think? I think I don't look anything like Dolly Parton.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #268 Thu 04.15.20

Happy Birthday to my niece Melissa and Happy Tax Day! Jim and I commented on Tuesday's Hurley-centric episode of Lost. There are now what one can only call Spanx for men, but they're not Spanx, but you get the idea. There's a study about the attractiveness and success of mixed race people. Well, they are gorgeous. Hello. Halle Berry. And we had just an amusing show. Trust me. Then I got to go to the dentist and it was a delight. Well, I am fond of my dentist. But it is even better to have the feeling of my tongue back. Might even use it tomorrow. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #267 Wed 04.14.10

I know, I know, I've been a writing slacker. I'd give you valid reasons, but I'd have to write them down and quite frankly, I don't have the time or the patience. Today's show, do listen. (Hey, if you didn't hear how Adam and I brought together the Mickey Mouse clubhouse characters and questions concerning bestiality, that's Tuesday's show.) Adam has eaten and fallen in love with KFC's Double Down sandwich. He now wants all his sammiches in between two pieces of fried chicken. We sang the theme song from Star Trek's Enterprise. Several times. It had to be done. There were a few other sci-fi songs kind of thrown into the mix too. We talked about The Avengers. But not the one with Mr. Steed. Even though Adam patiently let me go on and on. Some sort of comic book thing. And Joss Whedon is involved so it could be all good. It's a must listen. I have to say I was amused. And really, isn't that what it's all about? Go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Hear Jane.