The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #74 Fri 06.19.09

Glambert's got a new song out. You can listen. Don't get too excited. It's from before he was on Idol.

The two movies out today are Year One, a PG 13 comedy with Jack Black and directed by Harold Ramis. I just don't have a good feeling about it because prehistoric comedies never seem to do well.

The Proposal is also a PG 13 comedy with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. The big question is, will The Hangover hang on to the number one spot for the third week in a row?

Danny Gokey says "music is the talk, the foundation is the walk." And yet, he was often criticized for his dancing on Idol. He is not opposed to being on Dancing with the Stars. Neither am I, by the way.

On Jon and Kate Plus 8, this Monday, they will announce a life changing decision. Insiders say it's their divorce. Jim says he hears she's a shrew. Because he's so connected to the show it seems.

Bacon is so loved that there is a site called Bacon Today and the guy who runs it is the Chief Baconographer. Wow. Why didn't I think of that? Jim says his favorite sammich is white bread, mayo and bacon. And then he ran down the bacon cheeseburger. Blasphemer.

I had a photo shoot with my most excellent friends Shan and Beth of Studio Six Limited. They were shooting me and Brien for some magazines today. First of all, thanks to Charles Long and everyone who helped move the baby grand piano up on stage at the Wesley Arena Theatre. It was quite the undertaking. You know what? Pianos are heavy. I saw just a few of Brien's photos over Beth's shoulder, which she hates by the way, and they looked amazing. I saw none of mine, which is Beth's way. All I was told was the lighting made me look like a vampire from Twilight. Which means I was sparkly. The downside is I had to give the dress back. Other than that, a fantastic way to spend the day. Will keep you posted.