The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #71 Tue 06.16.09

"For a city boy you've got a pretty mouth." That's all Brien can remember about the movie Deliverance. Getting on all fours and squealing like a pig was apparently blocked from his mind. As was Dueling Banjos. Dillon James visited the show and I had a delightful time telling him all about Deliverance. Because that's a movie that 18-year-olds are comfortable talking about.

Dillon, by the way, is the local distributor at a super duper wonder fruit drink called Monavie. You can get hooked up at www.myspace.com/monavie_tn.

Do you think that hugging a woman from behind is assault and battery? Awkward. Perhaps. Well, it happened in Lawrence, MA, lawyer to lawyer. I cannot recommend eating stinging nettle berries but there is a championship for such a thing. Simon Slee is the reigning champ. I can't recommend eating anything that is a nettle and stings. Plus, if the nettle breaks, it has acid in it and burns your face. Another reason to avoid it. This delightful championship takes place in the United Kingdom.

China's version of eBay had some guy selling what he said was saliva collected from sleeping pretty 18-year-old girls. Said it was a tonic. It is no longer for sale. You know he was just spitting in a cup. Least I hope it was spit.

Buffalo Turds sound tasty. They are spicy mini smoked sausages with cream cheese and jalapeno peppers wrapped in bacon. See? I told you so. The sinner of the Buffalo Turd eating contest held in Mapleton, MN ate eleven in two minutes. That makes my left arm hurt.

You can visit Vulcan. It's in Alberta, Canada.

What's the most commonly misspelled word in the English language? Definitely spelled definately. How about that.

We also talked about Bruno on the cover of GQ, and the very latest about Lost. Give it a listen at www.thejaneellen.com.