The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #232 Tue 02.23.10

Panda porn. You don't hear that much about it. But it seems it's all the rage. There are just under 500 pandas in captivity and only about 1600 in the wild. And the males are a tad picky. And they only seem interested, when they are, for about 30 seconds. Some scientists have turned to what they call panda porn to encourage the male pandas to be a bit more attentive in their duties. They claim it works. All this led Adam and I to discuss whether or not there was one particular panda they used for the panda porn. You'll have to listen at Hear Jane to see in what direction we went at www.thejaneellen.com.

We talked about the new version of We Are the World for Haiti. And yes, there is a Huey Lewis only version.

It took until the 1960's for one racial slur in California to be changed to Negrohead Mountain. Now it's officially Ballard, after a pioneer. We then thought about what was perhaps on some maps still. Makes you wonder.

In the meantime, read Adam's Geek Chic, you'll enjoy it immensely.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #230 02.18.10

"My name is Clareece Precious Jones. I want to be on the cover of a magazine." Those are the opening lines from Precious as spoken by actress Gabourey Sidibe who has had a breakout year. And you would think she would be featured on the cover of Vanity Fair along with all the other young actresses who are having breakout years even though Adam and I didn't recognize half of them. Gabourey feels she has been snubbed. We concur.

Britney Spears has shot a new series of Candies ads for some slides. Adam and I looked at the ads. The shoes are gorgeous. He didn't notice the shoes. Or the pink teddy bear. I feel he was distracted by the white bikini. We then discussed how I noticed, online, that for Valentine's Day it was apparently newsworthy that she and her boyfriend went to a McDonald's drive through. The pictures were stupid. Two people in a care looking at each other like "hey what do you want to get?" Nothing unusual. Nothing newsworthy. And yet, there it was. Again, Brad and Angelina took some of their kids out for ice cream in Venice. Cameras in their faces. Ridiculous. They were just there. Being parents. No need for that. Listen to our discussion. Click on Hear Jane on the website.

Then we talked about who Adam would love to work with. Interesting result. OK, totally predictable.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #229 02.17.10

So I was not the only one who just didn't realize that today was Ash Wednesday. It snuck up on everyone I knew. I decided to give up snacking. Which is very difficult for me. I shouldn't be doing it anyway. Adam said he could not survive. Truly, you need to see Adam eat. He is so small and yet can consume vast quantities. It's fascinating.

American Idol started to narrow down the field to get it to the final 24 and Big Mike, the new dad, did make it.

Adam and I talked about the Family Guy episode that got the Palin family talking. If you want to hear it, I suggest you go and listen to it at Hear Jane on the website.

OK, I clearly cannot finish this. My husband refuses to stop talking to me.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #228 02.16.10

So it's Fat Tuesday. Have you overindulged? I made brownies. And then called Nathan Stoops of Scarletta, who I knew was on the road, to tell him of all that I had cooked over the past few days. I'm cruel that way. Jim spent the show suggesting what I could give up for Ash Wednesday. Oddly enough it was in no way helpful, yet it was completely irritating. I am, as yet, undecided. Seeing as, just as Christmas, Lent has completely snuck up on me. And I didn't realize that this was another one of those years when my birthday has fallen on a Friday during Lent. Which translates into, no meatballs at Mauricio's for me. I know, I'm pathetic, like the world revolves around me.

Kevin Smith's Southwest Air episode has now been called Fatgate. Really, if you're not following the story, or him on Twitter, you're missing out.

It's Fashion Week in New York. Apparently, the trend this season for women is to borrow from men's clothing. Well, it depends on how much borrowing we're talking about. Jim was amazed that Victoria Bedckham calls herself a designer. We had quite the discussion regarding that. You should listen to it at Hear Jane on the website.

So live it up, the rest of your Fat Tuesday.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #227 Mon 02.15.10

The illin' Jim and I talked through surgical masks (I wish) today about Kevin Smith's Southwest Air debacle. You see, he had purchased two tickets as is the norm for someone of his size. Then, there was one seat on an earlier flight that was sold to him. Once ensconced with the sidearms down the captain had him tossed. And oh the tweets. If you don't follow him on Twitter, you should. It's been a scream. They tried to give him a $100 voucher by way of an apology. Like that would help. Not a free ride. Just $100 off. Oh, he's had much to say. All of it, hilarious.

New Scarletta video from their appearance on Balcony TV in Nashville. They do Jealous Boy and you can see it on their Facebook fan page. It's awesome.

Jim's sick therefore he can do nothing and has contaminated his computer. The new season of The Amazing Race has begun and they seem to have cast some real doozies. Jim also let it be known that he is well versed on Barbra Streisand movies and ranked his favorites. I had no idea he felt so strongly.

The website is back up and running. There were two separate issues last week, both of them resolved. So all the columns are new, along with a recipe of the week for spinach haters and even new photos in the gallery. Go explore.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #226 02.12.10

Server problem is keeping the website down. Keep checking back, it's being attended to. And, yes, it's completely annoying. However, you can listen to the podcast on iTunes and by going directly to the feed www.thejaneellen.podbean.com.

On today's show, Adam and I talked movies. A lot of movies. Seems there will be another Chronicles of Riddick. Now, you may be confused, but remember, it all actually began with Pitch Black. This one they're making with Vin now is really just a glorified commercial, as Adam put it. And it's to sell lunchboxes and action figures. Which is where the whole Riddick thing really made its money on a global level. It wasn't in ticket sales. Then we got to talking about the later Jurassic films. And that's when I started writing a Jurassic film he would like. One with machine guns on the arms of the T-Rex and rocket launchers in the horns of the triceratops. I think I had Scar-Jo riding one, maybe Jessica Alba riding another. It only got better the more we talked. I'm talking, this was nothing short of genius. Or at least on the level of another Riddick film.

New movies out today, Wolfman, Valentine's Day and the Potter lookalike with Sean Bean from Fellowship of the Ring (best death ever) Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

By the way, just thought I'd throw this into the mix. Jim doesn't find Cougar Town hilarious. There's something wrong with him.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #225 Thu 02.11.10

Issues. For the next 24 hours or so, to hear the podcast go directly to www.thejaneellen.podbean.com to catch the feed. Or pick it up off of iTunes. The good news is my webmaster now has a new computer and things should slowly be getting back to normal.

Today's show Adam and I talked about fun at Wal-Mart. First of all, never a good idea to take a metal bat from sporting goods and then walk over to the TV's and smash them up. It got one guy in Georgia 29 counts of criminal damage to property. What a waste. Adam says people try to walk into Wal-Mart with all sorts of strange things. For instance, a Ninja sword. And they get annoyed when they are stopped and told they can't bring it in. Yeah, never a good idea.

Neither is trying to buy urine off of kids. That's what an 18-year-old was doing in Manhattan Beach, CA. The police assume it's because he wanted clean urine to pass drug tests. His bail is $150,000. That's what he gets for hanging around elementary schools asking boys for their pee. Adam said if that would've happened to him, he probably, as a child, would've agreed, as child Adam would've seen no down side.

It seems one fifth of adults would rather spend Valentine's Day with their pet. Now we did question what "with" meant. And it seems most of those who answered were from Turkey. But still, interesting. Valentine's Day is Sunday and I do have extra Harry Potter and Mickey Mouse valentines for the men in my life. Oh, I'm not joking.

In case you missed it, the regular columns, Geek Chic, Tube Job, Can U Dig It, all were posted on www.facebook.com/thejaneellen under notes seeing as the whole computer thing meant they weren't going to be up this week. And that was just sad. They were full of joy that was meant to be spread.

Adam's back with me tomorrow to talk about new movies opening this weekend.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #224 Wed 02.10.10

Snow in Tennessee today meant Adam's Ranger was not giving him good lovin'. He said that rear wheel drive and a stiff wind are not a good combination. So we had to podcast with a phone connection, not our favorite way to do a show. Anway, we talked about our great love of Lost. Amused that the new character who was dressed just like hippie John Lennon was, what do you know, named Lennon. So sad the show will be off the air in the spring. But perhaps the new Star Trek series will be on in 2011. Perhaps. And Ellen DeGeneres made her debut on Idol Tuesday night. She worked out well I thought. She was amusing and snarky when necessary. I thought she worked just fine.

Check out my youtube channel thejaneellen or go to www.facebook.com/scarletta to hear the latest song from our regular guest Nathan Stoops and the rest of his band Scarletta, which would be Benji Harris and Aubrey Collins. The song is called Mad.

Here's the latest on my website updates. My gorgeous webmaster is getting a new computer while the one that crashed is being fixed. I suspect you won't see any changes until the weekend. Sorry to say. Sorry for all of us actually.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #223

Adam had a big time today. He spent a solid ten minutes talking about the direction the Superman and Batman movies are taking. He would've gone on the entire show, but I had to pull him back. So if you are all about those super heroes then you need to go to the website and click on Hear Jane.

Ever seen a marmot? Seems they're rather common in Alaska. Unlike groundhogs. Groundhog day is not very popular in Alaska and it seems that February 2 is Marmot Day. Just so you'll know.

Did you know you could be cited for eating while driving? It happened in Massachusetts. This trucker choked on some chili and hit the foundation of a house. He's OK, the people in the house are OK. And lovers of Wendy's chili now know not to eat while driving. Well, really, how can you eat chili while driving? How can you?

A third of kids between the ages of 5 and 16 believe one of their teachers is an alien. As Adam put it, a third of kids are stupid.

And on that note, have a great day.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #222 02.08.10

Where was Adam today? Hmmmm? To talk about his favorite writer, Nicholas Sparks, and the movie, Dear John, number one at the box office? So, Jim had to do it. Jim's response was, well, Avatar had to slip eventually.

Some not new but newly-released (wow, if they were new that would be quite a trick) photos of Marilyn Monroe are up for auction at roughly two to four grand. They're black and white taken I think eight months before she died. The pictures are interesting because they are different and casual, and yet, you're not going to see the iconic Marilyn in them. Perhaps it's the cat's eye glasses that throws it off. Take a look.

We discussed a lawsuit between the Heart Stoppers Sports Grill and Heart Attack Grill. Both of which sell food designed to kill you. Now, no one is suing because it did. Wouldn't that be a trick. One is suing the other over the idea of the themed restaurant. And who wouldn't eat the Chili Chest Pain Fries? And they serve anyone who weighs over 350 lbs. their meal for free.

Jim and I chatted some about the Super Bowl ads. Do listen to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

My favorite new band, Scarletta, has a fan page on Facebook, www.facebook.com/scarletta. Nathan Stoops, who often guests on the podcast, is one-third of the band. Do check them out, won't you?

Funny thing, my friends have not had luck with computers this week. One had theirs stolen. The other had the hard drive crash. Doesn't matter which one was my webmaster's computer. It still means the regular site updates are written, just not posted due to issues. Serious issues. We shall overcome. Stay tuned.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #221 Fri 02.05.10

What a big movie day. Or rather not. Adam is so down. There are just two movies in wide release today. And Adam and I spent the show reading the revies. It was a delight. Well, for us. They're on Rotten Tomatoes. We had the best time with the Dear John reviews. This led to a revelation from Adam, he knows more about Nicholas Sparks than he does about sports. Sad, seeing as he can't stomach Nicholas Sparks stories. The other film opening is the latest Travolta film called From Paris With Love. And the reviews say he is hilarious in it.

By the way. There is another great movie site that my friend Dan has and it is Run Pee. I highly recommend you visit it. Run Pee is a completely different experience from Rotten Tomatoes and gives you something you can use. Go and look. Give Dan my love.

PBS airs a show called Dinosaur Train. Listen to the theme song. It's an homage to Johnny Cash. Am I crazy? OK, don't answer that. But, it is. Just listen to it.

Shan Burklow, my gorgeous, red-headed BFF girlfriend drove in the pouring rain to do my actor headshots. Mind you, we had to do many of them outside. When it's raining and 40 degrees, it's a cold rain. But we got them done. Oh, actor headshots are supposed to be non-glam, generic, pleasant, blank canvas, everything is possible kind of photos. So a casting director can look at the photo and see what is possible. For me that translated to no lipstick, no hair product, just a smidgeon of make-up and no jewelry except for my wedding ring. Pretty low key for me. And considering I hate being rained on. Tough day. Even tougher for my friend Shan. Luckily she is a genius photographer. I think we pulled it off. I'll let you know if the job offers start rolling in.

My family in the DC area is getting hit with a ton of snow. We're supposed to get a few inches in the next few hours. I'm so over the snow. If it's coming your way, be safe.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #220 Thu 02.04.10

Adam and I broke it down for you today. Oh yeah, it needed to be down. The whole Star Trek even/odd movie thing. You see, the first film, not so great. The second one, Wrath of Khan, brilliant. Second, two, even numbered film. That's where it all started. Until Star Trek X Nemesis. Craptacular. Oh sure we both saw it. And would've loved to have been in it. But still. In comparison. Suckage. Then it all changed with Star Trek. The 11th film. So, will the 12 film be good or bad? We thought maybe if JJ Abrams decided to fire the new cast, remake Star Trek III or V in the form of a Nicholas Sparks story, then yes, very bad indeed. But we'd still watch it.

Lindsay Lohan said she's a hoarder. Of shoes. Leif Garrett, not doing so well. This week he was arrested for heroin possession. He's 48. Issues.

Apparently, some money shot of Lady Gaga during her Grammy performance with Elton John has laid to rest the rumor that she is a hermaphrodite. In case you were losing sleep over that.

Nick Jones was on Jimmy Kimmel's show talking about Bob Dylan's lack of singing ability. And then Adam went off on how Disney can manufacture whatever they need. I suspect it's from Walt's frozen head. They take a hair, and bam, they've got it. Do listen to www.thejaneellen.com under Hear Jane. Do. Won't you?

While Adam did the show he enjoyed my taco soup. It's incredibly easy and the recipe is on the site under Cook Jane. Look, if you can cook some meat and open a bunch of cans, you can make this. For real.

And then we talked about Valentine's Day, pros and cons.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #219 Wed 02.03.10

Being shushed is never any fun. But sometimes you deserve it. It's hard to take when it comes from a four-year-old. Even Adam had to admit that he and I deserved it. Anna Grace and Jenna were trying to watch The Simpsons. Anna Grace asked that we keep it down a bit. Well, she couldn't hear the jokes. She was right. We were discussing Lost. Adam said The Simpsons warranted us toning it down a bit. Had it been for something stupid, we would not've let her have her way. But come on, it was The Simpsons.

There's a show called Super Saints? As in some are better than other saints? I'm sure that's not fair. I digress.

Lost spoilers. There's two timelines going on. Oceanic 815 didn't crash and it landed at LAX with Kate in handcuffs, Desmond on board, and Charlie, a suicidal addict, John Locke in a wheelchair, Hurley rich and naive. Then you have Juliet down in the hole still alive for a little while having a moment with Sawyer. Dead John Locke and anti-Jacob (I don't know what else to call him) in the form of John Locke is really the smoke monster. Then Adam and I decide that Smoke Monster John is the best band name ever. Opening for Fat Moses. One night only. And you'll have to decide how we get to the bald men film. It's worth going to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

We talk about the Oscars. And only Shatner on the WWE could be so perfect interpreting their theme songs.

Make sure you go to thejaneellen channel on youtube to see Scarletta perform Jealous Boy and all the footage from A Fashion Affair last weekend. It's well worth it.


The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary # 218 Mon 02.01.10

February 1. Did you change your calendar? It is my birthday month. I will be celebrating and accepting gifts all month long. Just putting that out there. Jim and I talked about his love of fashion. Oh, yeah, my mistake. His lack of knowledge regarding said fashion. We ran through a few Fashion Affair stories. I have posted photos and videos on Facebook. Two are on the main page of the website. You can see the entire runway show as well but I had to break it into pieces on youtube so there's the Vintage Furs, then the Student Designs, then Nina D, then Manuel and Finale. Or just follow my channel on youtube which is, conveniently enough, thejaneellen, and you can find them all there. Oh, I forgot, I cannot believe it. Scarletta singing Jealous Boy is also posted. Rock on Benji, Aubrey and Nathan.

Jim and I talked about the surgery game I played with Dan. That was fun. We didn't get out scalpels or anything. Perhaps next time. Just listen, we had a giggling good time today. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com.

And just because I believe in recycling and this makes for a good visual, I was wearing the first vintage mink you see in the Fashion Affair video that Kristen Motil has on when I tried to dig my van out of the ice this morning. I made it too. Until I stopped it to get the treads out until I got stuck again. And I did. Get stuck again. The children, my mink, and I, stayed home today. Hey, it's been dead long before I was born. No fresh kills for me. But I'll recycle a fur in a heartbeat.