The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #82 Wed 07.01.09

Adam Cravens always brings out my inner geek. So maybe it's an outer geek. But when Jim finally looked up the name of the actress on True Blood (which I continue to call First Blood, which would make it more interesting, Rambo and vampires), who we found vaguely familiar, I immediately called Brien. Brien then informed me I was not talking to Adam and much as Brien is into Star Trek he could not recall Ensign Ro or Riker's evil clone. Whaaaat? I know, you're as shocked as I am. And so, another great conversation about Star Trek was had. I also know some people think great followed by Star Trek can't be used in the same sentence. They are wrong. Hear for yourself. www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.

Because my name is Jane I know much of Tarzan and Jim did not appreciate my translation of a Weismuller film he was watching. He claims he never said "ungowa" once during the movie in question. Whatever.

Which brings us to the fate of Michael Jackson's chimp Bubbles. No, he was not eaten. He is alive and well and shooting craps in Florida. Or, close to it. You'll have to listen to the show. Hey, I had to take my oldest to Vanderbilt Children's Hospital today. She'll be fine. But seriously, you can't expect me to remember precisely what we talked about.

I do know that rehearsals of Michael Jackson's concert tour were filmed and will no doubt be released. And there is a talk of a tribute tour or concert involving family members, footage, and other artists. Plus, they're working off a will he wrote in 2002 that sent his kids to his mother and his assets to a private trust.

I finally watched the second X-Files film. It's not a bad movie even though it tanked at the box office. It's just a long TV episode. It's fine. It needed the Lone Gunmen. I still think they're alive. They're very real to me. And Adam. His dogs are named Mulder and Scully.

So, listen to the show, you'll thank me for it.