The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #67 Wed 06.10.09

A 29 year old guy in Knoxville has 21 kids from 11 different women. Four of the kids were born in the same year. Wow. Apparently, that's a record breaker. He must have charisma. Or something. Bobby Brown has child number five, this one is named Cassius. He has a girl Bobbi with Whitney and a boy Bobby. Plus three other kids not named Bobby in any form (unlike George Foreman, who didn't name his kids Bobby, he named them all George).

So much entertainment news. I highly recommend you listen to catch it all www.thejaneellen.com. Prince requires both hips be replaced but as a Jehovah's Witness is refusing treatment because of the blood transfusion possibility as I understand it. Madonna got to adopt four-year-old Mercy James. Which is awesome. Don't know why it was such a big deal. The child was in an orphanage. She wasn't living with a family. I wish Madonna would consider adopting me as well.

Futurama will return in 2010 on Comedy Central. My Name is Earl will rise again but on TBS. And Vera Wang has apparently signed to Dancing with the Stars. Hello, ABC, I'm not a celebrity but am still available.

A ten year old beat the crap out of her thirteen year old sister in Texas and got arrested. Wonder what brought that on? Seriously. And that led to quite the discussion of family related matters that one must hear to enjoy.

Happy birthday Dad.