The One About the Beautiful Dresses

I know that until televison was created, children were raised without benefit of added entertainment. They had things like conversation, wooden blocks, and crop circles with which to fill their time. When you were in the car you listened to the radio. Well, there's not a chance I would listen to FM radio these days. If I'm not on it, it's not worth my time. And you can take that to the bank (and thank you Barretta for the dated reference.) However, we do have a delightful device called a DVD player. Something that would've made those endless trips to Rhode Island not quite so monotonous.

Every summer we traveled to the birthplace of my parents. Providence. City without air conditioning. WTF? I specifically remember the car with the plastic seat covers. I think it was a navy Pontiac of some sort. Also without air conditioning. I used to count the dot pattern in the ceiling. They were in pairs. I got to sit in back on the hump between my older sisters Patty and Judy. Well, all my sisters are older. My youngest older sister Debby sat in the golden child seat between my parents in the front. She alleged car sickness. Uh huh.

Back to the DVD player. My sweet van has one. And my girls have finally seen the light and stopped watching Dora and Diego. Not that I wish ill upon them. I'm just over them. I prefer Spongebob. Even more so, I rejoiced when they fell in love with Singin' in the Rain. Which is one of the best movies ever made. No joke. You cannot get tired of it. And if you do there's something wrong with you. Seriously, seek a physician's help immediately.

Anna Grace has a crazy memory. I love that. And Jenna is smart too. I already knew the movie by heart. But after about three watchings Anna Grace just blurted out "ta tay tea toe two." That's one of Jean Hagen's lines when she has to learn to speak properly. Which she fails at. Part of the comedy. The girls love the dancing and the beautiful dresses. After a few viewings I decided to try them out with Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, another fantastic film with, oddly enough, beautiful dresses.

They were hooked the minute it started with Marilyn Monroe and Jane Russell in those red Travilla gowns. But a weird thing happened when they reached the Diamonds Are a Girls Best Friend number. They couldn't get past it. We watched it in the car for about three days straight. Going two and from daycare we got to see it about five times each way. Both girls now sing it and do the dance moves, as best they can in their car seats. It is a hoot to hear toddlers say Tiffany's and Cartier. I really must record it.

I just don't know why they chose to fixate on it so. Now in December they both believed that I was in that movie. Now they understand that I am not. I am slightly depressed over that. However, I know that I don't really look like Marilyn Monroe. We just have similar hair. The girls do know that I will be wearing that same pink dress in a vintage fashion show and intentionally trying to look like Marilyn in July. Maybe that's why they went for it. Maybe they have already developed a thing for diamonds. Or maybe they just know a beautiful dress when they see it.