The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #80 Mon 06.29.09

Men find thin, seductive women, attractive. Wow, what a breakthrough. A study in North Carolina found that out. Men go for confident, hot chicks. Skin deep it seems. Yet when the same survey was applied to women, their answers were all across the board. This led to quite the discussion as to why I find George Clooney attractive. It's because he's charming.

Another study, done by Clairol, says that the age of 28 is when women feel their most attractive. It says by the age of 30 they start to worry about wrinkles and gray hair. Jim asked if I worried about those things. I said I would worry about wrinkles if I had any. And my hair started turning white when I was 15. I'm over it.

Transformers 2 has pulled in well over $201 million since last Wednesday. And I've heard it's just meh. Huh. I knew it was going to be successful. But not obscenely successful.

New stuff on the website today. Jim has a book review of something he likes. Eda's latest Hollywood Vine is posted. Learn how to make your own hummingbird nectar and keep the little birds around with Can You Dig It. And my recipe for Buttery Feta Fetish Fries is on the main page. Of course you need to hear the podcast too. www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.