Everybody Loves A Comeback

Hello first blog. I am back. Been awhile since I have visited here. I started this blog years ago for two purposes. As part of my broadcaster duties I wrote a blog on the radio station website at which I worked. I went over the topics of the day and commented even more I mean six minutes was not nearly enough time for me to express myself at each stopset. When I started to do podcasts I kept the same habits. I also wrote for a small town newspaper so I put those columns in here as well. The blog was named after my show, The Jane Ellen Experience. I thought it fitting for #throwbackthursday to update this today. Should you read any of the original posts, you will discover hat I found of interest that day. Of course, the podcasts are better. I have them saved on a hard drive. Maybe they are in a cache somewhere on the interwebz. My more recent posts are on my WP blog called Jane's Addiction. Primarily, on that site, I write about food. Food addiction. More food. Head hunger, stupid wantsies. Weight loss. Food again. Bariatric surgery. And food. Lately I felt the need to write in greater depth about whatever strikes my fancy. My fancy gets struck a lot. But I did not want to keep it just to the food topic. And thus, this dreck has emerged. No, I am far too tired to write you something decent. No, not tonight. Just thought I would wave from the back of the room. Oh, eight months until Christmas.