The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #76 Tue 06.23.09

Buffy and Edward. The slayer and the vamp from Twilight. It was inevitable. And oh so amusing. Do enjoy this.

Adam Cravens sat in on the show. That's always entertaining. We bond so. Unlike curmudgeon Jim. Jim has no estrogen to speak of. And guys are supposed to have some. Just like chicks have testosterone. Anyway, Jim was all bent out of shape over a texting conversation Adam and I were having yesterday. So bogus. You need to hear it www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.

So this guy in New Zealand is drinking at a laundromat. And he takes off all of his clothes. Makes sense, right? Then he feels it's time to get dressed and he needs to start with his underwear. I'm with him on that. So he sticks his head in the dryer. Can't find his underwear. Gets his body into the dryer up to his armpits. No underwear. Then falls over with the dryer on his head. He's trapped, getting hot. Luckily he's naked. Takes a female police officer and a few crews to take the dryer apart to free him. Turns out, he was in the wrong dryer. Those weren't his clothes after all.

And this anchorwoman had been getting nasty emails for a year. Had the IP traced and the name that popped up was that of a sex offender. So the police were called in. Oh, the name was wrong though. Turns out it was her morning news co-anchor. Wonder how that restraining order is going to work. We all agreed that he should be fired for making her work in a hostile environment. But we were also curious. Is he a nutjob, is he some bitter dude? Or did she do something to inspire such hatred? So many questions.

We covered so many stories today. New gardening tip with Jay Frankenfield is posted on the main page. It's all about container gardens at www.thejaneellen.com. Can You Dig It?