The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #66 Tue 06.09.09

A-Team discussions always have Adam and I in a tizzy. Jim, not so much. Liam Neeson is rumored to be playing Hannibal and Bradley Cooper is to be Face. Meh. Liam is a fine actor but I don't see him with the George Peppard swagger. Now creator Stephen J. Cannell is involved, and so is Ridley Scott. So you know things are gonna blow up real good. And Adam says there will be very little cheese in this film. I am curious. Jim feels it will be a disaster. But he is Glass Half Empty. Just as long as the theme song stays in tact somehow. I pity the fool who takes away the theme song.

Adam Lambert will buy five copies for his mother....OK, enough with the Doctor Hook song. He's on the cover of Rolling Stone and guess what? He's gay. I know, I know, it is shocking. Even more so, I realized that Adam Lambert resembles the turn of the century incarnation of Garth Brooks otherwise known as Chris Gaines. Look it up. Be amazed.

Adam, our Adam Cravens that is, had much to say about the Fantastic Four movie. Took me by surprise. This is a MUST hear. Go to Hear Jane at www.thejaneellen.com. I have to tell you, this is what I feel is one of the funniest podcasts we have ever done. We give talk a bit about Full House and the maybe movie that will happen. Plus, you'll find out the next project for the director of Up!