The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #79 Fri 06.26.09

Jim blamed Adam for the death of Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. You see, after Ed McMahon died, Adam brought up that such things happen in threes. Or, at least, appear to. And so Jim said it was he brought it upon them. Adam said he didn't expect Michael to go in so normal a way. Cardiac arrest. He thought bitten by a monkey in Shanghai or something. It just seemed odd.

Michael's mother has custody of his three children now. However, Debra Rowe may file for custody. She is the biological mother of the two oldest children. She had signed away her parental rights. An unnamed surrogate from Europe is the mother of his third child. Whether it is her egg and then a surrogate who bore the child, or a donated egg and then a surrogate, I don't know. That was never clear. Adam asked if I would ever do that and I said no. But he and I agreed we would both have George Clooney's children. The old fashioned way. I just wouldn't give up my parental rights. But George, call me.

Jeff Goldblum and Jeannie C. Riley were both reported dead yesterday. They are not.

We also had some bizarre drunk stories to pass on. Mostly the show was about Michael Jackson. And we had much to say, so you need to hear it. I was there and thoroughly enjoyed it.

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Oh, thank you Wendy from the Research Team. The character from Mork and Mindy we couldn't remember was Exidor played by Richard Donner. How's that for obscure?