The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #30 Mon. 06.15.09

Saruman is now a knight. As Jim pointed out, I can now say so is Dracula and Sherlock Holmes because Sir Christopher Lee played them as well. Either way, I say, coooool. He's 87 by the way.

It is a travesty that ABC canceled Pushing Daisies. However, Saturday night, they did their best to fake a series ender. Even though it was just filmed as a season ender. Voice over guy did the rest. An idea for a Pushing Daisies movie has become a DC comic book and will be out in the fall. The Pie-maker takes on 1,000 corpses. I might actually read that. As Jim pointed out, my experience with comic books is limited. I've only read the first ten X-Files comic books. I have ten mint in package and ten read. I just wasn't around people who read comic books. Or, if I was, they didn't talk about it. Seems odd now that I think about it.

Vinyl record sales are up. There's a niche market for it. For real. Oh, we're not going to go back to albums and keep them instead of MP3's. But there are some who just love the warmth and scratchiness of a record.

The Hangover did maintain its hold on the box office in the number one position this weekend and took in about $33.4 million dollars. Up! was number two and as predicted, The Taking of Pelham 1,2,3 was the most successful of the new films with a solid $25 million. Eddie Murphy's Imagine That made $5.7 million. Now that is $5.7 million more than any movie I made. And he still got paid for it. And he didn't make it all by himself. But.....

Mel Gibson has a record company called Icon. And if you want to find out if his baby mama can sing go oksana.fm to find out if she can sing. "Say My Name" is the first release off of her new album. I doubt it's the Destiny's Child song. I have not cared enough to go listen.

There are many new things to look at and amaze yourself with on the website. We have a new ad sponsor called Kimochis and they are toys with feelings. Very cool, kids love them, and you will too. Absolutely adorable. I have eaten as much as my thumb stomach will hold of the recipe of the week, I call it green chicken nachos. Brien wanted to call it F!#$cking Awesome Chicken Nachos but I said that would be inappropriate. And Jim has not one but two, two new book reviews up. That's not even the half of it.

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