The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #62 Wed 06.03.09

Nick Fury is the name of Adam's member. Just something we learned on today's show. Had quite a discussion as to why many men feel the need to attribute names and women do not tend. Then we moved on to the latest Adam Lambert video of him holding hands with designer Drake Labry, who is totally hot by the way. I saw an E! report that said something along the lines, and I'm paraphrasing here, is this a coming out or just two guys on the town. So we discussed if hand holding was classic hetero-sexual male behavior. In America. I know in some European countries it is. And whether or not it is hetero behavior for women to do the same. Fascinating conversation at www.thejaneellen.com.

Why did my dogs only eat half of the Cheerios that my kids spilled on the floor and not all of them? I mean, they are my go-to before I get out a broom or the vacuum. But they're dogs, why did they stop at half? Were they actually full?

Heidi and Spencer really quit Help I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of here. Something about being mega celebrities so they left the rough lifestyle in Costa Rica. We're still not quite sure who they are. I guess we should watch The Hills because Audrina Partridge is getting her own reality show and is allegedly dating Chris Pine (the current Captain Kirk).

Jennifer Hudson and her fiance, David Otunga, are expecting. No due date announced, no wedding date announced. Gilles Marini had surgery to repair his separated shoulder. And Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban are going to adopt a baby from Vietnam. They have a biological child together named Sunday Rose I do believe. She's about a year old, or close to it. And Nicole has two children who are teenagers that she adopted with Tom Cruise.

And Adam was appalled at the 4 of the 5 books that were listed in the top 5 bestsellers this week. Ah, teenage girls. And we talked about extremely fatty foods that just made us hungry. Give it a listen online.