The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #61 Tue 06.02.09

Adam Cravens revealed 15 mancrushes on today's show, and thinks he could get the list to 50 if we devote an entire show to it. Let's see who were all of them. Well, like I can remember all of them. You will have to listen to hear the joy in his voice www.thejaneellen.com. He's in manlove with Kevin Costner, Will Smith, Paul Rudd, Kevin Smith, Michael Biehn, George Clooney, we agree on so many. He'd like to have dinner with John Cusack but doesn't know if he's ready to commit. Brien admits a mancrush on Jason Mraz, but that's all I can remember. Jim says he has no mancrushes. Geez. So out of touch with his feminine side. We will do an entire mancrush show I am sure.

So, this guy spends two years trying to convince his dad that he should marry the girl of his dreams. He lives in Egypt and arranged marriages is the way of things where he is. Dad says no so what does he do? Move away and marry her anyway? No. He cuts off his penis. We had much to say on that one.

Paris Hilton has another season of My New BFF and this time, wait for it, this time it's in the United Arab Emirates of Dubai. That can't be good.

Lady Gaga wants a foursome with the Jonas Brothers? For real?

June 18, 2010 Toy Story 3 in theaters in 3D.

Listen to today's show and find out what BFN stands for. It might come in handy. And you'll get a local story about a guy who says he has demons in his house. No lie. I read the incident report myself.