The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #63 Thu 06.04.09

A twinjury. That's an injury received while using Twitter. Guy got hit while jogging and using his Blackberry. Smacked in the noggin and down he went. Sure he's been mocked by his friends. I can understand tweeting while on the treadmill. But while jogging outside? Jogging is hard work. That's why I don't do it. Thus, Britain's first twinjury has been reported.

Which led to a discussion of cell phone elbow. Doc, it hurts when I do that. So, don't do that. But it's a legit complaint. You hold your cell up to your ear so long and it messes with the nerves. We had a downright doctory sounding discussion with big long words and everything during today's podcast at http://www.thejaneellen.com/.

Have watched FM radio die for years. And yet, was shocked, I guess because I didn't expect it, to hear that R&R, the industry magazine Radio and Records, to cease publication. So pretty much Billboard is the only game in town. Huh.

We continued our discussion of when it is OK for straight men in America to hold hands. Some listeners shared their feelings on the matter.

If you have frog collections, you really need to send them Brien's way. He has a thing about frogs. And some woman in New South Wales, which is in Australia, is accusing her neighbors of killing her husband because their pond attracts frogs and she says the croaking of the frogs stressed her husband and killed him. Drama.

And who knew you could see penguin poop from space? Oh, it was an animal-centric show today. Much to digest. Not poop of course. Not into that kind of thing.

Am making experimenting with new recipes today. One for slow cooker beef ribs. The other for a frozen mocha pie. Will get back to you on the outcome.