The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #78 Thu 06.25.09

So much to digest. Farrah's gone. Then Michael Jackson. Walter Cronkite is on his deathbed. The only thing I can say is that the Farrah news was expected. It's exceptionally sad. Yet, we knew it was coming. Uncle Walter is 92. That is also sad. Yet, it will not be a huge surprise when that happens. Michael Jackson. That was surprising.

The reports are still coming in of course. An autopsy will be performed tomorrow. But just 50 years old. There is talk of prescription drug misuse. All of it will come out eventually I suppose. And the comparisons to Elvis will as well. Just a sad day for entertainment.

And yet, happy birthday to a member of our research team, our bikini girl Eda. You can email her your wishes from the Know Jane page at http://www.thejaneellen.com/.

Adam was on the show today. Naturally, he saw Transformers 2 yesterday. He was offended by none of it. However, he thought the first one was better. Transformers did make over $60 million its first day alone.

Rosie gets another show. This time it's on XM/Sirius. It will start in the fall and will just be two hours. We wonder if she will use, how shall I say, salty language, as Howard tends to do.

Help Me I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here is thankfully over and an actual celebrity won it. That would be Lou Diamond Phillips. His money went to the charity Art Has Heart.

Don't drop the F bomb at a police officer. Especially if you're holding. This actually happened locally to a police officer friend of mine. The moron started cussing at him. Had drugs in the car. Idiot. Got arrested.

American Idol contestant Carly Smithson has a new gig. She has joined a band. But it is not Evanescence. Even though three guys from Evanescence are members of the band, it is called We Are the Fallen. From Evanescence it's Ben Moody, Rocky Gray, and John LeCompt. Then there's Carly and bassist Marty O'Brien.

It's always a pleasure having Adam visit the show. Do tune in http://www.thejaneellen.com/ click on Hear Jane. He always makes me snort laugh. As he did today.