The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #73 Thu 06.18.09

Because I have a roaring headache the server that hosts and stores the podcast is buggy today. So I'm just going to walk away from it for a little bit. I figure an hour of exchanging words with two different computers is really all they can take. At the moment, today's podcast can be heard in its entirety at www.myspace.com/thejaneellenpodcast and later in the day, because I will persevere, you will be able to pick it up off of iTunes and at www.thejaneellen.com under Hear Jane. Just not as I am writing this. But perhaps, as you are reading this it will all have come to pass.

Jim thinks that a banana with chocolate peanut butter on it does not qualify as breakfast and lunch. He is mistaken. Then he asked what he was going to eat for lunch. I told him whatever he wanted. There will be no stepping and fetching from me today. Speaking of, Jerry Seinfeld has a reality show in the works where the best marriage counselors on the planet will be helping couples. That would be comedians and celebrities. Didn't he meet his wife while she was on her honeymoon?

And I haven't read the article so I don't know if she was just giving advice of saying that she and Will Smith do it, but Jada Pinkett-Smith is in the current Redbook saying you should keep your marriage exciting by going to a party and having sex in the bathroom. Hey, people have to use that. Jim was all for it. I pointed out he didn't look like Will Smith.

Billy Joel, 60, is separating from his wife Katie Lee, 27. We wondered if it was a case if his having to explain things like hey, remember Glass Houses? Remember when I had hair? Things like that. Or just a personality conflict.

William Shatner did a great guest spot on Conan's Tonight Show where he ended up flipping him off because the Shat can't do the Vulcan live long and prosper gesture and Conan can. So funny.

And David Archuleta's dad Jeff pleaded no contest to a January 14 raid of Queens of Reiki massage parlor. The cops said he was getting sexual gratification from his masseuse. His lawyer said he was getting legitimate massage for his back pain. He paid $582. In fines. Don't know what the "massage" cost.

Hope your Thursday is divine. I have a photo shoot tomorrow for a magazine. They're bringing the clothes. I'm bringing my own jewelry. Should be interesting.