The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #65 Mon 06.08.09

American Idol contestant Constantine Maroulis did not win a Tony Award last night. But hey, he was up for one. Best Musical went to Billy Elliot, Best Revival went to Hair (also a musical I might add). Angela Lansbury won for Blithe Spirit (I've seen the movie, loved it), and many, many years ago saw a British production on TV of the hysterical The Norman Conquests. Well that won a Tony for Best Revival of a Play. Man, you've got to find that on DVD. Or rather, I've got to. I recall it being insanely funny. Or at least one scene was. And that was enough to sustain me.

Kirsten Dunst has signed to do Spider-Man 4. And the other Speidi story continues, that would be Spencer and Heidi. They say it was nothing short of torture regarding their Help I'm a Celebrity experience. Something about three days without food or water in isolation. The producers say it was 14 hours. Heidi's in the hospital and she thought she was going to die. Huge spiders dropping on her in the dark. Drama, drama, drama. Yet, was there a breach of contract?

Up won the weekend box office, followed by The Hangover and in third with a mere $19.5 million Land of the Lost. I suspect a sequel will not be forthcoming. I also suspect that Sci-Fi's well-meaning marathon of said TV show did not help.

Have you noticed the many new features on the website? Do look. There is now Eda's Hollywood Vine with the latest celebrity news. And gardening tips with Jay Frankenfield from Burgess Falls Nursery. I've posted the new Recipe of the Week and it's my latest creation, Wang Chung Ribs. They're very easy to make, done in the slow cooker, with a bit of an Asian flava.

Jim and I also discuss crop circles on the podcast. He does not seem to think that aliens are doing them. And he is slightly bitter over not being around for another new creation--I was in a cooking frenzy Sunday--French Fries with butter and more. I give the entire recipe on the podcast. I just haven't thought what to name it yet. I don't think Harden Your Arteries Fries is the way to go. Listen and learn. Go to http://www.thejaneellen.com/ and click on Hear Jane.