The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #60 Mon 06.01.09

Adam Cravens returned from his sabbatical with much venom toward Twilight. Wow. You have got to listen to him go off on that movie. Hilarious. http://www.thejaneellen.com/. It's the very first time Adam has been back to the show since Star Trek came out so we got to talk at length about it. It's also the first time ever that a Star Trek movie has made so much money. Star Trek has pulled in $209.5 million this year. So far. Biggest grossing film this year. Biggest grossing Star Trek movie. Ever. Adam and I are ready to have walk-ons during the next film or television franchise. We are always available.

Jim's latest book review is posted under Read Jim on the website. The new Recipe of the Week is up. I call it Steak Your Reputation on It Salad and it's essentially flat iron steak, portabella mushrooms, spices and greenery. Delightful and easy to make. We will be changing the recipes and book reviews on Sundays.

If you want a bit of a preview of the photo shoot from Friday, check out the myspace photos. Now, to clean house. What a chore. Honestly, the podcast is a scream today.

I refuse to write any further details about it. It was just too funny to have Adam back so you need to experience his return. It was a joy.