The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #69 Fri 06.12.09

House is the most watched TV show in the world. Seriously. About 1.6 billion people watch it. Believe me, if I had just a walk-on I would want to see some House money. Raises for everyone. Hugh Laurie and his agent must be thrilled.

You do realize analog TV ended at midnight. Tens of people are irritated. Adam admitted to being a snob and doesn't even like watching things on VHS.

Sonny and Cher had a daughter named Chastity. Now they have a son named Chaz. That's right. She came out when she was 18 and now she is a he undergoing transgender surgery. Cher's son Elijah Blue is still a dude.

Paris and Tony are gone from So You Think You Can Dance.

New movies out today the remake of the 1974 film The Taking of Pelham 123 which is an R rated action drama and the PG comedy Imagine That. So it's Denzel and Travolta against an Eddie Murphy comedy. Hmmmm.

My Name is Earl will not rise again on TBS. Deal fell through.

Thomas Beatie, the person who is legally a man but retained his woman insides who had a girl last year or so, just had a baby boy. Adam argued he's just a woman with a mustache.

And some quack doctors said that caffeine gives you fight or flight syndrome ad harshed my mellow. I want my caffeine. So we had a gentle conversation about that, and Adam's total lack of understanding of football. You really must hear it. He says he has girlish tendencies and life was rough in high school. Good times at www.thejaneellen.com.