The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #62 Fri 06.05.09

Ralph's Donuts makes an addictive circle of beauty round these parts. A chocolate deviled food cake with frosting, not that glazed business, but actual frosting. Almost more brownie than donut. And it was with the glorification of the donut that Jim and I began the podcast as it is National Donut Day. Homer Simpson no doubt has the day off from work to dine at Lard Boy.

Should you be traveling to Collinsville, Illinois this weekend, I know why you're going. It's for the Horseradish Festival. Neither made from radish nor horse, but from the mustard family, Collinsville is the Horseradish Capital of the World. Well, I guess every place has to be the capital of something.

Have you seen the photo of our President next to the ancient drawing of Kar in Egypt? Hilarious. Even he thought they looked alike.

We got more feedback from our female listeners regarding seeing men naked and, to clarify, for the most part, they only want to see them from behind. And shirt off doesn't count as naked.

I have subjected myself to the Sci-Fi marathon of Land of the Lost. I looked it up. Only 43 TV shows were made. Jim pointed out that's 42 too many. Man that show was bad. But I didn't remember it was that bad. However, Sci-Fi is playing it because of the theatrical release today starring Will Ferrell and Anna Friel from the It Never Should've Been Cancelled TV show Pushing Daisies. It's rated PG 13.

All four new films out today are comedies. Allegedly. The Hangover is rated R with Ed Helms and Heather Graham. These guys have a bachelor party in Vegas. They misplace the groom and have to find him and get him to his bride in a timely fashion. Away We Go is rated R with Maya Rudolph, Toni Collette and john Krasinski. It's about a slacker couple having a baby. Comedy ensues. One hopes. And Stella Got Her Groove Back Greek Style with Nia Vardalos and Richard Dreyfuss in the PG 13 My Life in Ruins. See, her life is in ruins and she's in the ruins of Greece as a tour guide. Get it?

Then Jim went on to make disparaging remarks about my hair and my cooking. If you would like to know just where I told him to put it listen to today's show at www.thejaneellen.com. The new summer makeover has begun on the website. Including the photo of the dress that half my people love and the other half absolutely hate. OK, it's not just the dress, I'm in the dress. And it's on the main page. More changes coming to the site this weekend too. Have a great one.