The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #38 Thu 04.30.09

Jim and I had much to say about Lost. The episode was all about Daniel Faraday. He sure can travel through time with the best of them. We find out his mother is Ellie, the same woman who convinces Jack it's his destiny to take everyone back to the island. And we find out that his father is Charles Widmore. Which makes him Penny's half-brother. To confirm my theory that those return to the island die (red haired Charlotte who was there as a child) Daniel is killed by his mother. I'm saying things just don't look so good for Miles. You know there are Lost action figures.

And Star Trek VI action figures with little Enterprises and everything. Cool. I want to be an action figure.

Kelly McGillis, who is now 51, has recently confirmed rumors that she is gay. You probably know her best as the female lead in Top Gun and Witness. I wonder if there'll be third outing. You know how these things come in three's. Well, can you really count Carole Leifer? She switched teams 13 years ago, but is only talking about it now.

Matt Giraud gone from American Idol. No big surprise there.

Zac Efron makes it on People's list of 100 Most Beautiful and Time's 100 Most Influential. Two lists Jim will never be on. Oh, was that out loud. Sorry.

For those who do care, my face pain is much more bearable. But don't look when the doctor says don't look. There's really no reason to. Now I have to block out of my memory what I've seen. Because I don't know what it's supposed to look like until it's all healed up. Just. Don't. Look.