The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #32 Wed 04.22.09

Jim Herrin was on today's show which began with a riveting discussion of something worth a trip to LA for and that's the 7th Annual Grilled Cheese Invitational. It's only $5 to attend. And $10 if you're competing. Now Jim is under the illusion that you can make a grilled cheese sammich in a toaster. So wrong. A true work of art needs a place to let the cheese run and be free. And if you want some truly gooey cheese, try Muenster.

On Dancing With the Stars we learned that Lil' Kim has lost two inches from her waist and her hips from ten weeks of dancing. Lawrence has lost 15 pounds and Gilles has gone from a resting heartrate of 46 to one of 36 beats per minute. Honestly, 46 is superfit to begin with. 36 is practically dead. Wow. Chuck admitted that his dance costume was, indeed, silk pajamas. And Lawrence and Edyta were the couple eliminated from the show. I don't think Lawrence was surprised or overly disappointed. He seemed to have had a great time but really missed his golf game.

American Idol was disco night and my one big complaint was there was not that much of a groove. Yeah, it's original and all to change the songs. But it's disco for a reason. Jim thought it was a nice change. Whatever. Lil did I'm Every Woman. My first thought--great earrings. And way to go on the catsuit. Usually only members of Stafleet Academy wear a skintight outfit like that but she pulled it off. Simon called it, she seemed sad. And I am quite sure it will be her last go round.

Kris completely reworked Donna Summer's She Works Hard for the Money. The song came out in what, 1983? Does that still count as the disco era? Even though it's Donna Summer I think that's kind of a stretch. Anyway, Kris really did his own thing with it and made it sound totally different. Which makes him stand out.

Danny did a classic arrangement of Earth Wind and Fire's September. We also got to see Danny's five sisters. He is a joy to hear. Was it different? No. Was it excellent? Yes.

OK. Allison. Another Donna Summer song with Hot Stuff. Allison has a great raw, rock edge to her voice and she's dressed in this hideous dominatrix outfit singing about hot stuff, looking for hot stuff. I didn't really care for the arrangement myself. However, I think she has the potential to cut a great rock album.

Adam Lambert went to the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack, thank goodness, and did what I call a Brien Travis arrangement of If I Can't Have You. His delivery was reminscent to me of Sam Harris, the first winner of Star Search. Both of them can hit the big notes. He was all cleaned up in a suit and, like Kris Allen, it was different and memorable.

Matt chose Stayin' Alive. I appreciate that he kept the disco beat. However, choosing Stayin' Alive, even though it was in no way horrific, is always a mistake. It's just too iconic. It's like choosing to do Thriller. You just can't do it.

Anoop turned to Donna Summer and did Dim All the Lights. It was a big night for her. You know, I love me some Donna. But she was not the only artist who had songs during the disco era. Anoop was dressed in homage to Sonny Crocket. Look it up. It was slowed down in the beginning and he just may last another week. If there's a bottom three it's Lil, Matt and Anoop. I'm sure Lil will go, but remember, because of Matt's save, two will go tonight. So will it be Matt? I think so. Maybe Anoop. But I think Anoop works the audience just a little bit more and that will get him one more week. That's my feel on it anyway.

Have you ever been so ticked off at your kids that you stopped the car and had them get out? This mom in Scarsdale did. At least she stopped the car. I'm thankful for that. The 12-year-old chased after the car and her mom let her back in. But the 10-year-old, well, she was found crying by the police. The police got her ice cream then picked up mom and arrested her. Mom's 45. Should know better. Imagine the mental scars on those kids. Mom is charged with a misdemeanor. However, there are those who are siding with her. Jim says his parents threatened that all the time. There was just no follow through.