The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #30 Mon 04.20.09

Don't try this at home but this is clearly a case of when it's not your time to go, it's just not your time. A woman was shot in the forehead by her husband. He then killed himself. She's OK. Yeah, she made tea after she was shot, was up, walking around and talking. The bullet exited the back of her head. The police thought they were going to find a murder-suicide and, luckily for her, they did not. The sort of funny thing said was that most people who have been shot in the head, if they're up and talking, they're going to pull through. Well, one would think so. This happened in Mississippi.

Herschel Walker and Natalie Gulbis were both fired from Celebrity Apprentice last night.

Over the weekend I was at the grocery store with just my oldest child and I let her help push the cart. That was a super big deal. She also put everything she possibly could into the cart. Including things we don't normally buy, like the new Doritos called Late Night Last Call Jalapeno Popper. They are evil. I have been forced to eat almost the entire bag. For medicinal purposes of course. My throat has been a little sore. And they're way too hot for the girls. I had no idea that was what she had put in the cart either. Steeped in deliciousness, I can never buy them again.

17 Again made over $24 million at the box office.

Friday afternoon Brien and I did some more work on the video for his song Daylight. Now I know why movies take so long to be made. Let me just say, you won't be seeing this video this week. Now, if he written a song with different subject matter, it would totally be done. And you'll no doubt get a vcast out of it in how not to make a music video. I see that coming real soon.

Call me squeamish, but I don't want to eat cheese made out of human breast milk. Even if it's served with crackers. The artist said it was to "explore our first encounter with food, emphasizing its territoriality and boundaries." Ick. The next exhibition he's doing, in London by the way, is one called Obituary Menus. He's recreating food people like presidents and mass murderers ate before they died. Nice. Probably not jalapeno doritos.

OK, I had to tell one of my friends that I'm doing a podcast every day, not just sitting at home. Had. To. Tell. Her. I had done so repeatedly but apparently she had tuned me out. So if you want to know more, go to www.thejaneellen.com and listen.