The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #39 Fri 05.01.09

Happy May Day. Today turned out to be much happier than it began seeing as I thought my face was slipping off. I'd show you the picture but honestly, it's a bit graphic. Let's say, stomach-churning. And the photograph is worse than it was in person. Because I lost over 200 pounds I had a lot of redundant skin and lately I've been getting that business cut off. Tuesday I had it taken off of my neck. You'd be surprised at how much was swinging in the breeze there. I have to wear this thing called a face bra. Or, as Wendy puts it, monkey sock. Well, the thing was so tight that I just had to mess with it. I was told I could adjust it. Brien was with me and he said he wanted to looked first. His expression was enough. Then he told me "you don't want to see that." It looked like a gaping open wound. To cut to the chase, even though it appeared that all the stitches had come undone, only one or two had. All the nasty red stuff was surgical material and gauze and stuff like that. It was just blood-soaked and stuck to my neck and chin so that it appeared to be my skin coming off. Yeah, scary looking. But once my doctor saw it she and I both were relieved. My face is not sliding off. Other than being swollen, it looks fantastic. Which is why I go to Caroline Chester, she's a genius.

No Doubt has reunited after five years of being apart. Does that make you feel good? Everything makes me feel good today. My face isn't falling off.

Sierra is off of Survivor. The intensely annoying Coach remains.

Movies out today are Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, Battle for Terra, and X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Care to guess which one will be number one at the box office?

Next week two equally huge events happen. Star Trek XI opens and Brien Travis performs at the Putnam County Relay for Life accompanied by Kevin Welch. Not to be missed. Understandable how these two giant events can be confused, but there's time to do both.

And I must now change some gauze and rejoice in the fact that my face is where it should be. Really, you should've seen it. It's better that you haven't.