The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #21 Tue 04.07.09

Because I have two toddlers, Noggin is often the TV channel of choice in the house. And once in a while they do watch a show called Oswald. Not very often though. He's not pithy like SpongeBob. Or cute like Diego. Should you be watching Oswald for more than a hot second and a penguin named Henry waddles into the scene. Listen. It's Squiggy. I know, I know. It's David Lander. And I have no doubt he doesn't want to be known as Squiggy. But he rocked it on Laverne & Shirley. If only the penguin had a reason to say "Hello goyles." That would be rich.

Dancing with the Stars monopolized my time last night. The dances were the Viennese Waltz and the Paso Doble. With the Paso you are either the matador, the cape or the bull. Just so you'll know. And because I record and roll through the show, maybe I missed it. But I don't recall any mention of Julianne's ACM win of Best New Female Vocalist. I thought they would've done that. So, Julianne and Chuck went first with the waltz. I love his regular guy-ness. Julianne looked radiant in that pink gown. They got a 23.

Lawrence and Edyta got a 20 for their paso. He said learning the paso was like watching TV with the sound off. They were so-so. Her outfit was stunning. Natch. It looked backless. Peach and aqua.

Shawn and Mark tied for second place with a score of 26 for their lovely waltz. They just work so well together. Very sweet. I also love to watch Melissa and Tony. They got a 25 for their paso and the judges were booed each time they opened their mouths it seemed. I didn't catch the mistakes Melissa made. Apparently, she did, and she admitted to them. I'll have to watch it again. The degree of difficulty on the choreography was high. And their black and red outfits were cool flamenco-style. Granted, the intense look that the paso demands just didn't seem to come naturally to bubbly Melissa. And she thought that a 25 was much higher than what she should've gotten so she was happy.

David and Kym got a 22 for their waltz. It had a cool beginning and ending. It was done to You Put a Spell on Me. And I think I finally figured out the problem. It's not that David can't dance because he can. Just compare him to Steve-O for instance. It's just that he and Kym seem to just be dancing at the same time. Take their waltz and watch it next to Shawn and Mark's. They have a connection. Which is such reality show speak. But there's no real chemistry in David and Kym's dancing. I'm not saying they don't get along. I have no idea. Just saying that when dancing they don't seem to connect.

Unlike Gilles and Cheryl. I now want Gilles to get tens thrown at him for just walking out on the dance floor. If you have watched DWTS for many seasons you know that Len has issue with any dancer, professional or celebrity, for not wearing a shirt or having it unbuttoned. I think that's why he gave them a 9 when the other two judges gave them a 10 each on what was clearly a perfect paso.

Steve-O and Lacey did a waltz. It was sweet and quirky. Nice to see him dance. Clearly, he's just not that good of a dancer but he did his best. They got an 18. Ty and Chelsie did the paso to one of my favorite songs Barracuda. However, the paso is so stylized that Ty just seemed a bit stompy. I have no doubt it is extremely hard to learn. They got a 21.

Lil' Kim and Derek tied for second place with a beautiful waltz and a score of 26. She has a great agent. Wonder what she'll do once the show is over? So Gilles and Cheryl in first place and Steve-O and Lacey at the bottom.

Computer literate John Mayer has reportedly said, even though he Tweets regularly, that Twitter is silly and inherently dumb. He also said that you do Twitter until everybody gets off of it and it's something else you go and try out. Which I agree with. But the brilliance of Twitter is it forces you to be concise. Even if you're boring, it's over with in 140 characters. I'm on there, so is Brien and Wendy, one of the members of our Crack Research Team.

American Idol is on tonight and Danny Gokey is the 2-1 favorite to win in Vegas. Adam Lambert is 5-2 and Kris Allen is in third place at 7-1. Scott MacIntyre is the longshot at 40-1.