The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #37 Wed 04.29.09

Jim Herrin helped me through this podcast. And help was required. As usual, I feel like I can bounce right back from an illness or surgery. Yet it's rather difficult to talk with this thing wrapped around my head and pulling my jaw shut. Actually, it feels like I've been punched in the jaw. With one of those ACME weights you see in a cartoon.

Dancing With the Stars singled out Chuck and Julianne and Melissa and Tony. Melissa looked really upset because she was being judged on a rehearsal, not the actual dance. However, it was Chuck and Julianne who were eliminated.

American Idol night was billed as Rat Pack night. Jamie Foxx was the mentor. For me, this night had the best songs all around. But that's why they're standards, isn't it?

Kris began with The Way You Look Tonight. It was lovely and endearing and he can suck you right in. Allison did what I thought was a terrific version of Someone to Watch Over Me. I will always hear Linda Ronstadt's voice in connection with that song, but Allison sounded really cool. Matt did the very hard to sing My Funny Valentine. What I appreciate about Matt is he always goes for the difficult. This time I think it will be his undoing.

Danny seemed so in his element with Come Rain or Come Shine. He was glorious. And Adam sure knows how to make an entrance. He hit the steps with the beat. I was hoping the stairway lights would follow him. He sang Feelin' Good. It was classic Adam. Very campy, loved it.

If I had to guess, and that's what I do, guess, I'd say it's Matt's last night. He's been in the bottom before and it's bound to be his turn.

A new Lost on tonight. Not a clip show.

And Star Trek XI comes out next week. Not a moment too soon.

Painkillers are calling. Must go.