The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #33 Thu 04.23.09

Adam Cravens graced me with his presence in a collared shirt. A collared shirt mind you. Wow. The big time. So I brought out the Star Wars story first just for him. How old should you be before you see Star Wars IV A New Hope for the first time? Adam saw it at age three. I was reading an article about a woman who dragged her four-year-old away from a Star Wars display at Disney and her son thought she was being mean. Adam said StarWars is just what you need for your kid to watch because your kid will never get his hands on a light saber. Seems there's something called Common Sense Media that says the original Star Wars movie is the tamest of them all and has "space drinking" in it. That in itself strikes me as funny. I will never forget that when Anna Grace was just a few month old I had left her alone with Jim for a few minutes and there she was, eyes glued to the TV, and he was watching that great children's movie, Blade Trinity. Adam was appalled. He said Blade II is superior. I was appalled because you just don't know how much an infant is taking in. I really didn't think Blade Trinity was the way to go. Still don't.

American Idol had the best opening number ever. First of all it was one of my favorite Jacksons songs, Shake Your Body Down to the Ground. Second, they had Paula choreograph it. For the first time it wasn't all step touch step touch. For Adam, it wasn't Opryland choreography. For others, it wasn't any old them park choreography. Finally.

They started right off by eliminating Lil. Big surprise. Then Anoop. That leaves a final five and a finale May 20. 45 million votes were cast to get those final five where they are. Amazing.

If you go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Watch Jane you will see a new video called The Making of the Daylight Video. It's a brief so-called highlight reel of what Brien Travis and I have been working on for his song Daylight, which you can hear at www.myspace.com/brientravis. The real video is not in any way finished. There's a reason for that. Watch what I posted and you'll understand.

Susan Boyle, did she pluck her eyebrows or not? That's all the talk today. When will she be in Oprah? Did Oprah even ask? Do you care? Of course, she's the most-watched video on youtube. Of course you care.

OK, so this woman who live in Detroit, the west side, saw some guys with guns bothering her neighbors. They shot at her, the 57-year-old, and the wire in her bra slowed down the bullet enough to save her from serious injury. That bra company should sign her up for an endorsement. Adam suggested the box should have a sign "may slow down bullets" because it may, it did in her case. That must've been some wire. Way to go lady. Way to go underwire bra.

And Adam and I have had a lot of brilliant, to us, conversations through the years. I'm sure at some time we've had one about bacon. What we lack is follow-through. But two guys are now millionaires because they went ahead with their dream of bacony goodness. They're now bacontrepeneurs. They've mixed bacon with salt and made Bacon Salt. Thanks to Facebook and Twitter they're a hit. Now they're doing bacon-flavored sunflower seeds, Baconaise, and are thinking of bacon body spray and lip balm. Next time Adam and I have a great idea, we're actually going to do it. For real.