The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #35 Mon 04.27.09

Jim Herrin joined me on today's podcast. Get this, astronomers think that the Milky Way, part of our galaxy not the candy bar (which is steeped in deliciousness by the way) might taste like raspberries. Seems it has molecules in it like the ones that give raspberries their taste. Oddly enough, I was fruiting it up yesterday when I made jam, jam, jamonit, jamonit. Made strawberry and blueberry. Jim thinks nobody eats blueberry jam. He is mistaken because about seven cups of sugar on most anything makes it incredible. Trust me. I ended up making eleven jars of strawberry and blueberry jam total. Oh, and only minorly burned myself. Just a flesh wound.

Obsessed was number one over the weekend and made $28.5 million. 17 Again came in at number two and The Soloist made its debut at number three.

Saturday, Bea Arther passed away at the age of 86. Cancer was given as the cause. Bea won an Emmy for her role as Maude and a Tony for playing opposite Angela Lansbury in the original production of Mame. But I'll bet most people know her from The Golden Girls. What a great show. It always made me want to eat cheesecake. Those gals always hauled out the cheesecake.

Monty Python alum Terry Jones is splitting with his wife of 35 years. He and his 26-year-old girlfriend are expecting a baby in six months. Well, that will do it won't it?

New to www.thejaneellen.com full frontal nudity. OK, no, not really. Side nudity. No, not that either. Not that there's anything wrong with that. But Jim Herrin is now attending local meetings and will be reporting on the Cookeville news. It's a detailed service you won't get anywhere else. You can get The Scoop starting now. We went live with it yesterday. You'll find it on the main page.

There are also some changes coming to the website, great changes. We have a contest coming in May. And we are revamping the recipe section so you'll be able to print the recipes easier and have a photo of each one, and be able to request recipes or submit them.

Melissa Rivers got fired from Celebrity Apprentice. Don't know if all the drama was real or for the cameras though. Jim thinks it was real. He thinks Joan and Melissa are totally like that. Maybe they are. But maybe they're just doing it for television exposure. I don't know. I don't hang with them. It certainly was memorable.

Dancing with the Stars is tonight. And the angels sang.