The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #24 Fri 04.10.09

Today Jim sat in on the show. We discussed last night's Survivor. They're in Brazil. Now I haven't been following this one as closely as I have the other Survivor seasons. So I did not realize how irritating that coach guy was. But I don't like people I hardly know giving me back rubs. Well, I barely tolerate it from people I do know. Anyway, some guy named Joe had an infection so he's off the show and there was no tribal council. However, my favorite part was when Probst was sent out to talk to the cast while they were undercover and he got totally rained on. By choice I'm guessing. Interesting.

The movies out this weekend are Dragonball: Evolution an action movie rated PG. The cool part is that James Marsters, Spike from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, plays Piccolo the villain. Seth Rogen's latest comedy is the R rated Observe and Report. However, the movie I feel certain will be the hit of the weekend is Hannah Montana: The Movie. It's rated G and we have a bunch of friends who are extras in it. I remember it was a gajillion degrees the day they went to Columbia,TN for their day on the set. The question is, did they make the cut?

Jim passed along some news that I had simply ever thought about. Coke and Pepsi weren't kosher. Until now. They're made with corn syrup. Now Coke and Pepsi have kosher versions made with sugar.

Now, Jim has an afternoon of father-daughter time to get to. That should prove to be interesting.