The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #26 Tue 04.14.09

Jim sat in on the podcast today and we started off with Josh Holloway, Sawyer on Lost, and his baby news. He and his wife became parents of a girl on April 9. His wife's name is Yessica, not Jessica. And now they have a daughter named Java Kumala Holloway. I don't know if that's a popular Hawaiian name or if they both really like coffee. I know I really like coffee. And Jim pointed out that Kumala is the name of a professional wrestler, which, I'm sure, is what they were going for.

Good news bad news for fans of The Tudors. Showtime has announced that it will return for season four. And season four will end the series. Henry VIII only had so many wives you know.

We talked about the separation of Mel and Robin Gibson and the alleged fling between LeAnn Rimes and Eddie Cilerian, her Lifetime movie co-star. Jim said he didn't understand why the Gibsons, who had been married for 28 years, didn't just tough it out. Mel's not there most of the time anyway. As if we know. I suggested a Spencer Tracy type arrangement where they don't have to deal with a messy divorce and just "have an understanding." Or a pool boy. And a gardener. Whatever works. Just a thought. LeAnn and Eddie, by the way, are both married to other people.

Jim is outraged that Zac Efron will play Jonny Quest in the live action film version of Jonny Quest. You see, Jonny Quest is supposed to be something like 12 years old. I had no idea he was also outraged at the casting of Parker Stevenson and Shaun Cassidy as The Hardy Boys way back when for similar reasons.

American Idol tonight the final 7 sing songs from the movies and the mentor is director Quentin Tarantino. My mind is spinning with all the movie possibilities. Let's hope they don't choose sucky ones.

Dancing with the Stars was jive or rumba night. Chelsie and Ty began with a country themed jive. Ty really goes at it with everything he's got. And even though he often looks like he's atop a bull, he's dancing. They got an 18. Shawn and Mark did a very sexy rumba to score a 26. They received an instant standing ovation from the crowd. Mark said he kept the choreography age appropriate. I wonder how much sexier it would've been if she had been older than 17 because it was pretty steamy.

Lawrence and Edyta did a very fun jive and got a 22. Edyta wore, essentially, a pink bikini and a scarf. Nice. Melissa and Tony had a hot rumba for a 27. Hilarious how they pushed off of each other as soon as it was over. I do enjoy them.

Terrific irony in having Lil' Kim as the police officer instead of the prisoner when she and Derek did an awesome jive to Jailhouse Rock. They got a 28. Don't know why that wasn't a 30. She is a spectacular dancer. Unlike Steve-O, who does try desperately. And I appreciate that. Lacey and he did a rumba and they got a 16. Len said you can't confuse movement with dancing. But he does totally commit. And that says something.

Gilles and Cheryl did a jive in leather. Love that choice. They got a 26, again, why was that not a 30? And Chuck and Julianne's rumba got a 23. All that lace was, well, lacy. Len, as expected, thought their rumba was too raunchy. OK, I wouldn't use the word raunchy. Though not too many men can wear a black lace shirt like that. Or at all.

Jim is doing the taxes. Finally. And there was much rejoicing. I will have to leave the house soon before he starts asking me things I don't know the answers to.