The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #28 Thu 04.16.09

Always a delight to chat with Adam Cravens. A geekfest that doesn't happen often enough. We began with a story out of Warsaw because it taught us something about elephants that well, we just had never heard of before. Turns out they don't reach sexual maturity until they're 14. It would seem that a Polish politician is criticizing the zoo for acquiring an elephant, who happens to be 10-years-old and goes by the name of Ninio, who prefers only male elephants. The politician says the elephant is gay. He says the point is to have a herd of elephants at the zoo. And so on. I had never heard the phrase "gay elephant" before. Just thought I'd pass it along. Zoo officials say the elephant isn't old enough to know its preference. Huh.

American Idol's bottom three was as I predicted. That would be Anoop, Lil and Matt. However, it was Matt who received the least amount of votes. Seeing as they can only use the Save up to the final five, and there are seven, and following the Save you eliminate two, I was in no way surprised that they saved Matt. So, no one was eliminated on Idol and next week is disco week. Please don't let it suck. There are many awesome disco songs. There are also many awful disco songs. Fine line.

Lost, what a Star Warsian delight. First of all, it was called Some Like it Hoth. You have to love it based on that title alone. It was all about the ability Miles has to communicate with the dead. Hey, guess what? That doctor you saw on all the Dharma instructional videos? His dad. The best part was the conversation he and Hurley had regarding their abilities, or as Hurley put it, super power, to talk to the dead.

Of course, as soon as I saw the title I knew Star Wars would be invoked. And so brilliantly. Lost's undercurrent is discord between fathers and sons. Naturally, that makes you think of Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker, right? Well, Hurley is in 1977 when the first Star Wars film came out so what he's doing is writing The Empire Strikes Back, with some improvements. Because, seriously, the Ewoks were not an improvement. So if he is stuck in 1977 and gets off the island he can send it to George Lucas. Great thinking on Hurley's part. (Adam thinks Empire is perfect and it's Jedi that needs the improvements.) Hurley also points out to Miles that had Luke and Vader just talked things out, maybe Luke would not've lost his hand. Because now adult Miles sees that his father did care for three-month-old baby Miles. Sure, it's confusing, but it's Lost. And Star Wars, rolled into one glorious show. Then they pulled the new Lost next week but it's a clip show crap. So, really, it won't be new for two more weeks.

There's a 17-year-old guy in Germany who wants to compete in the 2012 Olympics in the synchronized swimming competition. But it seems that's just for girls. He swims with the girls in his high school. Even shaves his legs and wears women's costumes. I don't get why he swims in women's costumes or why other guys don't want to do synchronized swimming. Wasn't there a Martin Short SNL skit about that many a year ago?

You know how you're told not to swallow watermelon seeds because one might grow inside you? Well how about don't inhale near a fir tree? This 28-year-old guy in Russia had chest pains, was coughing up blood, thought he had cancer. No, he had a two inch long fir tree in his lungs. That made Adam feel good. Being 28 and all.

I asked Adam what super power he would like. That would be invulnerability. He's worried though, with that power, that if a house were to fall on him he would not have the strength to crawl out from under it. You see, you could have super strength, but you could still be shot, be invisible, still be shot down. Flying? Be like having a new bike, get bored after a while. Best combination would be being invulnerable, and super strength and super intelligence. I'd throw in the invisible thing too.