The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #20 Mon 04.06.09

It's true. I would much rather be sick than have my children be sick. Or my spouse. That being said. This illness that my children have shared suuuuuucks. Unlike any of them, I take medicine without complaint. That's really the only positive I've got regarding that.

It seems the "the" and the "too" were really slowing them down because Fast and Furious made over $72 million dollars opening weekend. Mind you, nothing much else came out. But still. Everyone could've just stayed home. The Vinster was clearly missed. I wonder if they'll just leave out the vowels for the fifth installment?

American Idol and Dancing With the Stars producers had a great night last night at the Academy of Country Music Awards. Professional dancer Julianne Hough won Best New Female Artist and Carrie Underwood won Best Female Artist and the big one Entertainer of the the Year. Cool.

So, you think you're crazy when you insist that your coffee or tea tastes best when served in a certain cup? You're not. There was a study you see. So it's true. And caffeine is a drug of reward. Duh. Have you not seen my vcast? Go to www.thejaneellen.com and click on Watch Jane and view Coffee Binge. Brien and I are coffee-a-holics. Anyway, your mind prefers that your drug of choice, caffeine, is delivered in a certain way. It's a ritual because you're a caffeine addict. Oh, you're not? I just assumed.

Seems Joan Rivers and Clint Black don't quite hit it off. At least not in front of the cameras on Celebrity Apprentice. Two people got fired. Not Joan and Clint though. It was Khloe Kardashian and T-Boz.

Showtime's The Tudors third season starts tonight. Joss Stone will make her acting debut as Anne of Cleves.

In Germany a woman divorced her husband for being too tidy. Seems he was constantly cleaning up and rearranging the furniture. I need more details on that one. Furniture being moved just to move it? Irritating at best. Well, bottom line is after 15 years they split. I just wonder was he crazy clean or what?

OK, I have to remove this elephant off my face. Oh, it's just my sinuses. Either way, it's steeped in unpleasantness.