The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #31 04.21.09

Adam Cravens joined me today on the podcast. Turns out he had a lovely yesterday because he got to nap not once but twice. A turkey induced nap. A gravy covered turkey induced nap mind you. A good time. Adam admitted he is man enough to eat most anything covered in gravy. Even Cheerios. I thought he was suggesting chocolate gravy on Cheerios. But no, sausage gravy. He said that had always been good to him. He also feels the same way about peanut butter. So I had him taste that Dark Chocolate Dreams peanut buttery chocolate goodness I discovered. A good time. He thought it would be good on a cookie. Great for his diabetes. Go Adam. (Please note sarcasm in earlier sentence.)

We had watched Dancing with the Stars. The night began with the highest scoring couple. Melissa and Tony got a 29 with their tango. Why was that not a 30? I cannot fathom it. Lawrence and Edyta got the lowest score of the night with their waltz at a 21. Adam could not understand why he had to cover her up in that coat. He felt covering up the moneymaker was just wrong. Lil' Kim and Derk did the rumba and got a 26. The judges felt she was holding back on her sexy. Chuck and Julianne got a 27 for their samba. Jim thought he was wearing pajamas. After all the celebrities did design the outfits, Adam was not surprised. Given that option, he would've chosen pajamas as well.

Ty and Chelsie did the waltz. This dance suited Ty because it was so formal. They got a 24. Shawn and Mark worked a little PYT for their cha cha and got a 28. Very sparkly. Cheryl and Gilles got a 27 for their waltz. It was lovely. And then there was the group number. Was I the only one who noticed the choreographer was dressed like Deter? So he lacked the German accent and it was Sprockets and he didn't say "touch my monkey" but other than that. Deter.

I can only guess Lawrence will go tonight. It's most likely his turn. The waltz didn't do him any favors.

The new darling of Britain's Got Talent has allegedly gotten offered a million dollars to make a pornographic film. I can only assume that Susan Boyle will turn that down. Or that it's some rumor. Or she should hold out or ten million.

Tonight American Idol is disco night. And two contestants will be eliminated tomorrow. Oh, and they'll leave the show.

Adam was privy to the video Brien and I have been working on. He says the Academy won't be calling anytime soon and that Brien should quit channeling Christian Bale on a rant. Hey, it's not done yet.