The Jane Ellen Podcast Summary #29 Fri 04.17.09

Adam joined me once again for the podcast. This time he was not working the hoodie, a hoodie two sizes too big as he usually does. He was sporting a fitted Marvel superheroes t-shirt and ripped jeans. Nice. What is it with guys I know who like to wear super big clothes? Adam says he would wear pillow pants if at all possible so he could just lie down whenever he wanted. I told him that being comfortable was what most people said was their reason for wearing something atrocious on What Not to Wear. And you could wear something comfortable and attractive at the same time. He was skeptical.

I watched the homage to Star Trek last night on the original CSI. It was especially sweet to those who know the original series. They even worked in a "he's dead Jim" which I really enjoyed.

Adam and I came up with another great idea. Great to us anyway. Just waiting for a network to pick it up. I think we'll call it Surviving Sci-Fi. You have to live with us for a week. You being a non sci-fi fan. We'll geek it up for you. The house will have more wide screen TV's and such. You'll be forced to watch sci-fi movies and TV shows and then talk about it. We'll wear uniforms and such. Yeah, that'll work. The idea will be to convert non sci-fi fans. We'll have to work on the prize. Though it would be prize enough to spend quality time with us. Adam says he tones down his geek tendencies. Tones it down. Remember that when he's on the show.

Movies opening today include the comedy 17 Again. It's rated PG 13 with Matthew Perry and Zac Efron. Matthew Perry's character gets to be, wait for it, 17 again. And look like Zac Efron. Not too shabby.

Crank: High Voltage has Jason Stathom and Amy Smart and is a sequel. Something about his heart was replaced and he needs to be shocked, thus the high voltage and he needs the other heart back. I'm sure it will all work out. It's an action film rated R.

State of Play is a PG 13 drama based on a British miniseries with a bunch of nobodies in it like Ben Affleck, Russell Crowe, Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helen Mirren. It's probably very good but I'll bet 17 Again will be number on this weekend.

This guy named Thomas Frazier in Flint, Michigan may be the biggest deadbeat dad in the country. He's 42 and has allegedly fathered 14 kids with 13 different women. He claims only 3 are actually his. Genesee County says hd owes more than $530,000 in unpaid child support. He's in jail and his advice to his children is, "use a condom."

Speaking of kids, the Duggars, as in 18 and Counting Michelle and and Jim Bob Duggar? Their oldest is 21 and their youngest is 4 months old. Well, their oldest is married and his wife is expecting. All of the Duggar children have names starting with a J. Josh and his wife Anna say they may choose a theme for their kids but it won't be names with a J. Huh.

It is an absolutely stunning day today. I plan to enjoy it.