The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #22 Wed 04.08.09

Well, this has been a never ending day with me. As it began in the ER around 1am discovering that the elephant on my face was actually a raging sinus infection with strep throat thrown in as an added bonus. The great part about being in the ER was, no not seeing George Clooney, though I looked, it was I got shot full of stuff. Mind you, none of it has kicked in. But I have hope. I've been sick for so long now I feel certain that shots are the way to go. My system doesn't have time to wait for pokey little pills. I want instant wellness. Maybe Brien and I should go on another coffee binge. I recall feeling really good then. Was that just a week ago today? You know, it was. Wow, it all seems like a blur.

American Idol contestants sang songs from the year in which they were born. The oldest contestant is Danny Gokey. And even though Stand By Me by Ben E. King didn't come out in 1980, the Mickey Gilley version did. He was awesome. Kris Allen followed with Don Henley's All She Wants to do is Dance. By the way, Building the Perfect Beast is a great album. Yes, I have the album. Oh, I mean CD. Anyway, Kris played the guitar surrounded by the audience. He was really hard to see. They should've raised him up some. The judges felt the arrangement of the song overtook him. More like he was a guitar player who wanted to sing than a singer who played guitar. I get that. Simon said it was self-indulgent.

We found out that Lil Rounds name is Lil, not short for Lily, it is actually Lil. She sang What's Love Got to Do with It. I need to have that leather vest she was wearing first of all. She looked smokin'. The judges complaint with her is the same it has always been. She has an amazing voice but she lacks the abililty to take a song and make it her own. It's always a copycat arrangement of the original. Which I can agree with. Which also tells me she needs a good producer.

Anoop really surprised me with his version of Cyndi Lauper's True Colors. I'm always a hesitant when I hear someone is going to cover a Cyndi song. She's got, what, a five octave range? However, he did a really nice job. He's not going home this week.

However, Scott MacIntyre probably is. He played electric guitar to the song The Search is Over. It was a bit wretched for me. The guitar playing more than the singing. The song was never a fave but it was OK. I just found the electric guitar to be jarring. He said it was the punk side of him. Funny. Allison picked a song that was perfect for her voice. Bonnie Raitt's I Can't Make You Love Me. And the fact that one born in 1992 could deliver such a mature-themed song like she did make it even better. It was fantastic. The judges advised her to chat it up a bit. Be a bit more personable. She's just not connecting with the audience.

Matt Giraud impressed me again with Stevie's Part Time Lovers. Not an easy song to deliver and he sang and performed it fantastically well. I never saw him coming on like that in Hollywood. And then there was Adam Lambert. He was brilliant. And his song choice tickled me. He chose Mad World. The Brien Travis arrangement. That's what amused me so. Two notes into it I recognized it. And Adam was glorious. As I expected him to be. And because Brien wasn't sitting in on the podcast, I threw in some of his Mad World which he recorded on his covers album Cul-de-Sac. You can download it all for free at his website http://www.brientravis.com/.

Dancing with the Stars had a spellbinding performance of Etta James singing At Last while real life couple Maks and Karina laid on the steam and danced to it. Lawrence and Edyta and David and Kym were in the bottom two for the dance off. Lawrence's score stayed the same from the judges, a 20. David's went from a 22 to a 24. However, when added to the viewer votes it was David who was eliminated.

Lost is a Bencentric episode tonight. He is judged by the island. Fascinating.

And there's a guy in LA who can remember almost everything that's ever happened to him since he was five. It's called hyperthymestia or Super Autobiographical Memory. Only four people are on record worldwide as having this condition currently. I wonder if his friends call and tell him stuff just so he'll remember it for them? Because with him he can forgive you but he may not be able to forget.