The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #23 Thu 04.09.09

Adam Cravens sat in on the show today which always fills me with delight. He started off by telling me he catalogued his Star Trek books. How lovely. Turns out he has 65 Next Generation numbered novels and 23 random Star Trek books. He has not read them all. He just puts them in order and touches them lovingly. Then he told me the coolest and geekiest story ever. It seems that Wrath of Khan, only one of the best sci-fi movies ever, aka Star Trek II, was to be shown in a theater recently. And the theater-goers were told the film was damaged. And out came Leonard Nimoy. OK, ok, I'll slow down, the actor who plays Spock, and he had a copy of Star Trek XI and they did a test run. Suh-weet. The fanboys must've wet their pants. Adam said that the tweets they sent were beyond enthusiastic. We cannot wait for May 8. He has not heard of the rumor that there is a Kirk and Spock moment. Brien had sent me an email about it, however, that article came out on April 1 so that led me to believe it was a hoax. We shall see.

There is word that Nic Cage wants a She-Hulk movie made. Don't know if he wants to produce it, be in it, or just wants one to be made. Megan Fox and Eva Mendes have been suggested. I didn't know there even was a She-Hulk. Adam explained that she's Bruce Banner's cousin and a blood transfusion hulkified her.

The University of Chicago is offering a class on pirates. We're talking traditional pirates all the way to software pirates. Aaaargh! Turns out it's pretty popular. Adam feels sure he would be disappointed.

American Idol had Lil Rounds, Anoop and Scott MacIntyre in the bottom three. Lil sat down first. 30,000 votes separated the two guys but Scott had the lowest amount. The judges were split on the save and he went home. I think the magic-themed Ford commercial was the coolest one yet by the way.

I told Adam about Brien's take on Lord of the Rings. We're going to watch Fellowship with Brien. But first film his take on it, and film him throughout it. Brien told me he thought LOTR was something about a dragon, a giant, a midget with a ring, a mute woman and pigs on horseback. Please, do not tell him any differently. He has some short VHS version of the film, which is just wrong. He's going to watch the director's cut in hi-def on my wide screen in surround the way God and Peter Jackson intended it to be seen. The only problem is both Adam and Brien work shifts and will have to do some finagling to get them in the same room at the same time. But I shall make it so.

My medication-addled brain (due to the intensity of the strep throat and sinus infection) is not up to par on rattling off the names of actors and films as it usually is. So Adam was quite amused when I started talking about that time travel movie with that guy who killed Kirk (actor Malcolm McDowell) who played H.G. Welles and that guy from Cheers wife and Jack the Ripper. Directed by the guy who directed Wrath of Khan by the way. Adam says it's called Time After Time, which it could very well be, unless that's the name of that Christopher Reeve movie. See? Addled.

And a man in China had a pain in the butt for over 30 years. For real. A needle. Finally, a surgeon removed it. Think about that.