The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #27 Wed 04.15.09

Dancing With The Stars was no grand surprise with the elimination of Steve-O. They narrowed it down to him and Ty Murray and then played the suspense music forever because, at heart, it is a reality show. Perhaps because I recorded it and did not have the patience for every single second of it, I did not understand why Carmen Elektra was on the show. Except for the fact that she has a great agent. She did a dance number with many other dancers. A dance and wiggle number. Does she have a Vegas show to promote? Not that I totally wouldn't have done the same thing. I just missed the why. And I totally didn't understand why Rascal Flatts, or most anyone for that matter, had to sing Revolution. Look, The Beatles did it perfectly more than once. No need to touch it. And certainly not like that travesty I had to fast forward through. I tried to listen to the entire song. But it was just too painful. I appreciate their great love of the most excellent band of all time. I really do. However, another of their songs might've been a better choice. Might've? I'm being gentle here.

It's a new Lost tonight. Woo-hoo!

Quentin Tarantino did not pick the songs from the cinema on Idol last night. Apparently, Bryan Adams did. No, just kidding, but two of his were performed. I have no issue with Bryan, however, out of all the songs from movies, two of his get chosen from the seven that were done? Huh? I just didn't get it. Allison started with I Don't Want to Miss A Thing. No big surprise. Diane Warren wrote it, she has close ties to the show. I think Allison's a great singer and yet it almost sounded all one-notey to me. Because they ran overtime last week only two judge comments were allowed per performance and they were all about it. Which surprised me.

Anoop pulled out Everything I Do, I Do For You from Robin Hood Prince of Thieves. He did his dreamy stand there thing and a really good vocal. I think he's safe. He may be in the bottom, but I don't think he's going home. Do they do a bottom three when there's only seven left, or a bottom two? I forget.

Adam was the only who chose a fast song, thank goodness. From Easy Rider it was Born to Be Wild. Other than Steve Martin, and Steppenwolf, I can't imagine anyone else singing it. Including Adam Lambert. He does outperform and outsing everyone. I just prefer that song to rock. Jim thought it was indulgent. It just didn't do a lot for me.

Matt pulled out the other Bryan Adams song with Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman. It was fine. It was nice. Meh. Bored.

Danny sang Endless Love. His ability mixed with the emotional impact of his personal story really nailed it for me. Love him. Kris continues to impress. I had to go and look up the song he did. It's from an indie movie, a Sundance film fave called Once that came out in 2006. The song is called Falling Slowly. Never heard of it. Probably same reaction from most people. However, now I want to see the movie and I thought he was incredible. Best performance of the night.

And Lil finally did her own version of a song. I'm glad that she knew Bette Midler did The Rose. But it was also a hit by Conway Twitty dontcha know. However, I think tonight will be the end of the road for Lil. I think she's got great vocal ability and what she needs is a great producer. She needs someone to package and guide her because she just can't seem to do that for herself.

In case you were unaware, your taxes are due by midnight tonight. Ours were mailed yesterday. Jamonit.