The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #36 Tue 04.28.09

Today is a quickie. Of course, I can never say quicke without hearing George Hamilton's voice in my head from Love At First Bite saying something along the lines of "never a quickie with you, always a longie." But I have surgery today and must get to the Music City. Brien says I'm addicted to plastic surgery. He also says he's completely jealous. Hey, you lose 200 pounds and you'll need surgery too.

Dancing With the Stars had Melissa absent because of a hairline rib fracture. She was judged on a rehearsal performance and as a result is at the very bottom of the scoreboard. However, those who bet on such things think it will be Ty who goes tonight.

So, Melissa and Tony got a 21 for their jive. Gilles needed a cortisone shot in his shoulder to get through his Lindy Hop with Cheryl. They got a 27. Lil' Kim and Derek did the Paso Doble and got a 28. Chuck and Julianne got a 26 for their cha cha.

Shawn and Mark got a 27 for their samba. Ty and Chelsie got a 24 for their salsa. You know, I thought that should've been higher. Then they did the team dances. Team Mambo had Lacey fill in for Melissa and they got a 25. Team Tango got a 28. So you had Lil' Kim and Derek with a 56, Gilles and Cheryl with a 55. Shawn and Mark tie Ty and Chelsie with a 52. Chuck and Julianne have a 51 and then there's Melissa and Tony with a 46. See, way down there. Still can't believe she would be gone tonight. Robin Thicke will perform this evening.

American Idol top five sing tonight.

Can you believe some schools don't pass out F's anymore? Seriously. The theory is that students who don't pass classes all hang out together and it injures them psychologically. And some students don't take tests well. Now that is true. However, if you don't do the work, you deserve to fail. There are a lot of factors here. I don't think I ever received an F. Sooooo, I'm kind of biased here.

OK, must roll. Will be back tomorrow. God willing.