The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #25 Mon 04.13.09

Jim joined me on the podcast today. Giving me the perfect opportunity to ask him if he had done our taxes yet. Because, you know, math is hard. Jim is supposed to do the taxes and I'm supposed to look them over. Taxes, so not done. But he always was one for pulling overnighters in college. Or so he says.

As predicted, Hannah Montana: The Movie was number one over the weekend. And it was number one in a big way by pulling in $34 million. I haven't asked our friends who were extras if they saw themselves or not. What with everyone being sick, we didn't quite make it to the theater to see it.

Brian McKnight is gone from Celebrity Apprentice.

The Amazing Race ended this leg in Thailand only it was a non-elimination round. The brothers Mark and Michael had come in fourth. However, they had broken some rules and were hit with two two-hour penalties. Plus, they will have to deal with a speed bump in the next leg. So they were last but still in it.

Oh, Zac Efron was on Saturday Night Live on, well, Saturday Night. They did an amusing little send-up of High School Musical. Now, Jim did point out that making fun of HSM was like trying to hit a stationary target. But still, entertaining.

We discussed how in 2008, fewer people were getting plastic surgery because of the recession. However, now that they need jobs, older, as in 40's and 50's older, professionals are getting facelifts and injectables to look younger because they feel they have to compete with the younger professionals for the few jobs that are left. Some plastic surgeons are even catering to this mindset by offering "Job Fighter Packages" and "tuneups." Jim says if you feel you lost your job because of your age, then sue. But seriously, I have no issue with an injectable here, a surgery there. You've got to keep the surgeons happy.

Jim had me name the final four on Dancing with the Stars. Gilles, Melissa, Shawn and Lil' Kim. Duh. Only question is, will it be Shawn or Lil' Kim in final three? That's my conundrum. We also talked about how it could be dancing with the nobodies. I have volunteered to be on it many times. And will continue to do so. I have a chance on that show. Unlike American Idol. DWTS. I can do that. ABC, are you listening?