The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #19 Fri 04.03.09

Adam Cravens guested on today's podcast. I learned that his wife Autumn was actually born during the season of Autumn. I'm sure there are plenty of people named Autumn not born during that season but if that was my name, as a stickler for detail, I would want to be named for the season. That's just me. I'm odd that way.

The big movie opening today is Fast and Furious which is rated PG-13. Not The Fast or Too Fast and nothing is Drifting. But Vin Diesel is back in it. Turns out, I have pretty much seen every movie he's made. XXX is hilarious. I highly recommend it. Now, it's not listed under comedy, but it's real funny. It also turns out that Adam has seen every movie Hulk Hogan ever made. Interesting.

XXX, by the way, not a porno, and just the kind of movie that Brien says I watch all the time. Fast cars and things blow up. Which, Adam says, is the plot of Fast and Furious. Adam watched the version of X-Men Origins: Wolverine that was leaked to the internet. He felt, from what he saw, that too many storylines were crammed into the movie. I felt that the movie title sounded like a new men's cologne. What's that you're wearing? X-Men Origins: Wolverine, it brings out the beast in you.

We discussed the handsomeness of Hugh Jackman and what an awesome job he did hosting the Academy Awards. I had offered to help him on many occasions and even though he never took me up on it; it was quite clear he never needed my assistance. Sigh. Adam realized that he had more man crushes. He said he didn't want to limit himself only to people who were alive. He thought a man-date with Richard Nixon or Don Knotts would certainly contain interesting conversation.

I said I knew Anderson Cooper was totally into me. That's why I follow him on www.twitter.com. Same with Kevin Smith. And, one sweet day, they'll follow me back. Adam said if he ever met Kevin and Kevin didn't like him back, his world would end. I get that. Kevin Smith talking about the time he spent with Prince is beyond fascinating. Mind-blowing is more like it.

I asked Adam if he has prepared himself for the day when his favorite film, Back to the Future, is remade. He has steeled himself against it. Adam has based his whole life upon that film, including a fascination with clocks and DeLoreans. Robert Zemeckis, however, is not going to return to his trilogy and change it, unlike George Lucas who felt the need to do so with the original Star Wars trilogy. Adam and I can discuss sci-fi for hours. Listen to the podcast at www.thejaneellen.com under Hear Jane. It's only a half an hour. We controlled ourselves.

My Crack Research Team says that the cabbage and lettuce leaf dress Cloris Leachman is wearing in the new PETA ad was actually made from leaves sewn together, not all CGI.

When you hear about scientists making robots that can think and reason on their own you wonder, did they not see Terminator or 2001: A Space Odyssey? Not all robots are Data from Star Trek the Next Generation.

A new study says that mental decline actually begins at the age of 27 so that's got to make you feel good. And, woo-hoo! According to a study done in Australia, if you go to youtube or facebook or my website, you get the picture, while you're at work, it makes you more productive. Oh, it's true. Now, you're only supposed to go to those sites for a little bit. But it gives your brain a break. It allows your brain to rest. So keep that in mind if your robot overlords don't let you have a little bit of fun surfing the net.