The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #34 Fri 04.24.09

Jim sat in on the podcast today because he pays attention to Survivor. A show I would not survive a day on. No indoor plumbing. No Miss Ellen. Not a chance. Anyway, there was an individual immunity challenge. However, they had an opportunity to sit it out, not be in the cold rain, and eat pizza. What surprised me is that all of them didn't do that. Only three ate the pizza. I would've been all over the pizza. What's so funny is, the three guys who chose the pizza--all safe. Tyson was eliminated. He had been winning most of the challenges. Irritating Coach is still in it.

You can now own a piece of me. Go to www.thejaneellen.com. Click on Own Jane and have at me. Your life will then be complete.

No fun movies out today, there all dramas all rated PG 13. There's The Soloist, which is Jamie Foxx and Robert Downey Jr. all based on a true story. Beyonce plays the wife in Obsessed. Some temp stalks her husband and threatens her family. And Terence Howard is in Fighting.

Susan Boyle has totally made it now. She was mentioned, by name, on Wednesday's South Park.

There is a police officer in London who says she belongs to the Jedi Church and uses Jedi mind control on week minded criminals. No, I'm not making that up. Those aren't the droids you're looking for.

A couple in Devon hired a make up artist to make their wedding extra special. They got married as Shrek and Fiona. Don't know if they brought in a donkey. If you're going to get married green, you really need to commit and get the donkey, don't you think?

It took them seven years but these kids, now teenagers, in Mississippi, remade Raiders shot-by-shot. Of course I want to see it. Spielberg even heard about it and is totally behind it. It's premiering in London next week.

And a couple of adults have tried to get the Guinness book of world records for texting. No, I'm not one of them. They sent 217,000 texts in one month. That's 6-7,000 texts a day. Their carrier is T-Mobile and the guys thought they had free texting. And yet they got a $26,000 bill. Which has been wiped clean. Wow, I text, but not even that much. OK, sometimes I text and email the same person a running conversation. Shocking, I know.