The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #125 Mon 08.31.09

Anyone ever tell you that you look like someone? Usually it's someone famous. But sometimes they tell you that you look just like their cousin so-and-so. Of course, you could make a career of it. There is a Celebrity Impersonators Conference where thousands flock to spend time with the almost Angelinas and the not-quite-Elvises (or is it Elvi?). My gorgeous friend Dana McDowell actually was a Marilyn impersonator and can totally work it. We have a new feature on the Entertain Yourself part of the website where our genius webmaster matches up staff photos with celebrity lookalikes. Get ready, I'm going to start dropping some names here. When I was filming the Larry the Cable Guy Hula-Palooza Christmas Luau special, which airs November 20 on CMT by the way, one of the make-up artists said I looked like actress Virgina Madsen. He assumed I heard that a lot. Actually, no, it was a first for me. I usually get hit with the Marilyn. It's just because of my hair. So, to help my beloved webmaster, I did a bing image search on Virginia. Oh, I knew who she was, but I didn't see the resemblance other than she's blonde. And lovely. But she looks like a combination of Sharon Stone and Gillian Anderson to me. And my BFF Brien has this one photo of me where he thinks I am so Gillian. So I suppose that was the connection. Anyway, look at the Entertain Yourself and see what he came up with.

This is just sad. No matter how you look at it. Adam Goldstein, who you may know as D.J. AM, was found dead on August 28 in New York. It looks like it was pills and crack. Which in and of itself is sad enough. However, he had walked away from a plane crash with Travis Barker in September of 2008. To survive a plane crash only to let your addictions take you in the end is just too dark and depressing for me. And for his friends, fans, and family I am sure.

John Mayer has to pony up 25 large for an animal charity. That's because he said that TMZ couldn't find his mug shot from when he drove on a suspended license in 2001. Hey, guess what. They got the photo. And it's not like it's some horrible picture either. TMZ could never find a mug shot of me or Jim because we've never been arrested. However, my prints are on file. And I've taken a lie detector test. That's all because I briefly worked for a police department. And you thought I was going to say something far more interesting than that. But no hot story, just part of the job. Ma'am.

I am thrilled that Dan Florio of RunPee got to be a part of the show today. Dan is a movie-lover and, let me toss this about, genius, for coming up with the idea for his website. Many people can't get through an entire film without having to get up and leave, or rather, Run and Pee. Get it? So Dan and his staff go to all the new movies and provide RunPee times on all of them. It is subjective, but very useful. If you get the application available for some phones, you will get a two minute warning before the RunPee time begins and a summary of what you're missing on screen. Like I told you, genius. I have encouraged Dan to say he's not a doctor, but plays one on his website. He is providing a service of a medical necessity for many. I think he can pull that off. After all, there already is a Dr. Feelgood. Dan is going to be a regular part of the show I am glad to say. Booya! Make sure you listen to Dan's debut on the show at www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.

Many, many new recipes are now posted on the Cook Jane page. Main dishes, once a barren wasteland, now filled with ideas for you. And notice my popcorn fetish under the snacks. I'm sitting next to a bowl of it right now. It's a sickness, I know. Today is the last day you can register for a free copy of the new Brien Travis CD Tales of Lazy Wednesdays. It's amazing. Starting tomorrow, you can buy it yourself from Amazon or iTunes. It's under ten dollah make you hollah so get down on it.