The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #118 Thu 08.20.09

Friends. How many good ones do you have? Still have some since when you were a child? A new study is out saying that the number of friends you have tends to remain the same, and yet you lose and replace about half your friends every seven years. This got a delicious story out of Adam regarding how someone who he was only vaguely acquainted with was allowed in his Bat Cave and Adam's rules of behaviour. It's a must hear www.thejaneellen.com.

I tested a new recipe I have for brown sugar pound cake on Adam which, obviously, led to a discussion of the guinea pig festival in Peru. That's where they dress up their guinea pigs, parade them around, and then eat them.

Mario Lopez is rumored to be first in line for the lead of the Dirty Dancing Remake. This has ticked off Brien. I told Brien that another of his favorite films, Goonies was being remade, just to really send him over the edge. Until Adam said that Goonies really is going to be remade, or a sequel filmed. Brien will not handle this news well.

People do weird stuff. An adult male paid a woman to change his diapers and feed him with a baby bottle as he pretended to be mentally deficient. She caught on, after three months. Except the only thing he did wrong was lie. She was paid for the work she was hired to do. Creepy what turns some people on.

In London there are now putpockets. Former pickpockets putting money in to purses and pockets to help out with the economy.

Adam and I went all Star Trek again, Goonies started it, and deconstructed some villains. He has a mancrush on Christopher Plummer's General Chang from Star Trek VI. Adam also explained the precise differences between Costner's Waterworld and The Postman. And we go on about Jaws and Lost World while we're at it. Lots of movie talk in today's show. But hey, we had cake too.