The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #111 Tue 08.11.09

Toilet paper. Fun to use. Easy to horde. And Cuba's running low. I tell you right now, I would be in a panic. I like there to be an excess of at least ten rolls in the house at all times. It's comforting to know it's there, and it won't spoil. Cuba's government blames the U.S. trade embargo on their toilet paper shortage. Natch. Point is they may not have enough to last until December. Remember, Cuba is an island. Stuff has to be imported. Jim suggested using corncobs. He says his people did that. Seriously? You have no toilet paper and you choose to clean up with a corncob? Wouldn't some manner of leaf make more sense?

Kelly Clarkson is on the cover of Self Magazine talking about her weight and how she's cool with it.

Since the film Julie and Julia came out, book sales of Julia Child's book Mastering the Art of French Cooking has sold out on Amazon and is number one on the Barnes and Noble online best seller list.

Kix Brooks and Ronnie Dunn, perhaps the most successful duo in country music, announced on their website "We have agreed as a duo that it's time to call it a day."

Want to try something new? You can get it cooked, salted, dried. So far I'm down with it. And hey it comes on a stick. It's a delicacy. And you can get it in Malawi. So maybe Madonna will adopt you while you're there. What is it? Oh, that would be dried field mice. Yes, on a stick. Fast, young boys chase the mice down for eating after the corn harvest when the mice are the plumpest. I would be more inclined to eat a mouse than a cricket. Please not that Thailand. Malawi has a population of 12 million and is one of the poorest countries in the world.

Jim and I then discuss how you eat what's around you. And if it's bugs and mice, you're just used to it. Yet I don't care how friend or covered in chocolate it is. I'm not eating a cricket. Do listen to the riveting discussion on www.thejaneellen.com. Click on Hear Jane or download it from iTunes.

I must now go an be a gofer. "Gofer Everett?" That's fro O Brother Where Art Thou by the way. I will be Shan and Beth's assistant on a photo shoot. The appalling part is I'm not the subject of said photo shoot. Perhaps I will throw myself in front of the camera at some point. Well, I would do that if I wasn't so shy.