The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #105 08.03.09

Remakes and food. That's mostly what Jim and I talked about on today's show. I have said it time and time again, why remake the good movies? If you can't come up with something new, remake a bad one and make it good. I've heard whispers about this one for years, usually with Tom Hanks or Jim Carrey associated to it. Now it's a go with Spielberg directing. Harvey is being remade. Harvey the film (it was based on a play) came out in 1950 and starred Jimmy Stewart as Elwood P. Dowd. It is a personal favorite of mine. Harvey is a six foot tall invisible rabbit. As Jim pointed out, there are some things that just won't play in a new version. You see the whole story is about how Elwood's family is trying to put him in a mental institution that does shock therapy. And maybe Elwood's just a harmless drunk. Not very politically correct.

The Rockford Files is also being remade. It was on the air from 1974-1980. Jim tried to test me by asking who did the theme song. DUH, Mike Post. Try to ask me something difficult instead. James Garner played Jim Rockford, a private investigator. David Shore, the creator of the show House, is behind this remake. Maybe it will be pithy.

Jim was really on a roll today of belittling me and Brien Travis. Hopefully, Brien won't hear today's show. But you might enjoy it www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane.

Locally, our fair will start this week. So it's no surprise that it's fair season everywhere. And what's the best part about the fair? The strange things that are fried and food on a stick, that's what. Dig this. The Wisconsin State Fair is serving frozen chocolate covered bacon, on a stick of course. Two strips for three bucks. Sea salt is added at the end of the process and it's milk chocolate over hardwood smoked honey cured bacon, specifically. They're also serving up fried peanut butter and jelly donuts. Most of the time things are fried like that, it's a pancake type of dough they're dipped in. That's the deal with the PB&J only they add Sprite to the batter to lighten it up. Seems it tastes like a jelly donut. Next year they're already thinking of how to deep fry an entire cheeseburger and a Boston cream pie.

If you need to know the top ten foods you shouldn't eat while driving, listen to today's show. And I'm thinking, you need to know that. My people are also building a fan page for me on Facebook. Just search the phrase thejaneellen and you'll find it.