The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #120 Mon 08.24.09

Amazing how a three-year-old can hold two four-year-olds at bay with a hose on full strength. That is some of the amusement we witnessed Sunday as our youngest celebrated her third birthday. Sand, bubbles and Legos. The basics still entertain I am pleased to report.

Jim has a theory regarding Mark Lester. Mark has been getting a lot of press lately as he is the godfather of all three of Michael Jackson's children. And he has admitted that he gave Michael some sperm. For use in having children, not to just have around the house. He also says that he would take a DNA test if necessary but he just wants to remain the godfather. Jim feels he has an agenda because if he really didn't want anything he would not have started all this discussion regarding his sperm donation.

Had no idea Hugh Hefner was still married. He married Kimberly Conrad in 1989. They have two sons together. They separated in 1998. But never divorced. She and the boys live next door to the Playboy mansion. Now she says Hef is selling the house and putting them out and owes them money. Hef says they are more than provided for. That aside, I simply had no idea he was married.

Brad Pitt is doing a lot of press for Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds. It had a great weekend at the box office. Brad was asked about Tom Cruise's film Valkyrie and apparently said the movie was ridiculous. Expect Tom to be asked about Brad's film soon.

Ricky Martin has posted new photos of his one-year-old twins Valentino and Matteo on his website. They are gorgeous boys. All three of them.

Now this part of the show you have to hear. There was an observational study of the behavior of the obese at Chinese buffets. Seems they face the buffet, sit closer to it, they don't check out the buffet first they dive in, and they eat with a fork not chopsticks. All this as opposed to people of normal weight. Having once been obese myself, I have to say more study is needed. Anyone of any size who eats at a restaurant with a buffet with any regularity already knows what food is where. You don't have to survey the buffet first. I've eaten with chopsticks once. Hilarious. Perhaps if I ate with them more often I would be several sizes smaller. But I was raised to use a fork and I'm good with that.

There's another study out that says people who are lost walk in circles not because one leg is shorter than the other, but because they simply don't know which direction straight ahead is. Someone thought one leg was shorter than the other? What the?

There's a great new recipe posted on www.thejaneellen.com. I call it the perfect pound cake for fall. It's made from the usual items a baker would have at home. But what makes this different from other pound cakes is brown sugar is used instead of granulated, and that makes a big difference. Try it out.