The Jane Ellen Experience Podcast Summary #108 08.06.09

European cities often have names that amuse. Well, there are lots of cities everywhere with interesting names such as Hell and Nameless. Well, turns out Germany has a tourist attraction with the name of Wank. Austria has not embraced their town named Fu**ing. Seems people perform lewd acts by the town sign. The Fu**ing Mayor wants people to leave them alone. Yet, those from Wank tell them that they make a lot of money off of people who visit them what with the t-shirts and postcards and so on. I just want to know how that town in Austria got its name.

Australia is promoting the eating of camel meat. Because it's so hot and dry there camels are doing well and there are over a million of them hanging out down under. That number will most likely double in the next decade. Unless camel meat as the new white meat takes off. Is it white meat? I don't actually know.

Victoria Beckham will be a guest judge on one show of American Idol. And there is more talk that the whole Paula Abdul leaving thing is just posturing. Auditions begin tomorrow. If they need a blonde judge, FOX I am available. I'll do it for one million too. That's a bargain.

There's a website called RunPee, which means run and pee, literally. They watch current movies and tell you precisely the best time during the film you can take a bathroom break. Genius.

Adam and I continue to discuss our grand plan. Now that we've named the new Brien Travis album due in 2010, we're working on writing the movie poster and trailer. I believe it will be called Songs From and Inspired by the Forthcoming Motion Picture Jane. Yeah, that's a winner. Brien's current album, a retrospective, is out on Amazon and iTunes called Tales of Lazy Wednesdays. You can register online to win it this month.

The rest of the podcast just amused me so. I think it was a three snorter. You'll have to listen www.thejaneellen.com click on Hear Jane or download it free from iTunes.